Decision 2016: What Is Your Data Platform?

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Strata + Hadoop World

This week I attended my sixth Strata + Hadoop World. Actually, in the beginning they were two separate shows, but the evolution since has been more than the combining, or convergence if you will, of the two shows. The first shows were attended almost exclusively by technologists looking to learn and understand new big data technologies, especially Hadoop. In subsequent years, the attendees’ interests changed; they wanted to learn about new projects, new companies, and especially how organizations were actually benefitting from the technology.

What stood out for me at this year’s show was how the interest has turned to the data itself. There was much more discussion about the data layer than about Hadoop—how you can be sure that the data is reliable, available, and protected? How can applications be delivered with the required scale and speed while providing data reliability?

The Keynote

For this year’s keynote, I tried to put these important questions and concerns about the underlying data layer into the perspective of the election—how concerns about the data itself “Trumps” all. Doing a Trump impression was an attempt to entertain, but the underlying point of the short keynote was exceedingly serious. For companies to ultimately be successful, they need to select a winning platform. Only our Data Platform provides the required scale, speed, and data reliability simultaneously. All other platforms require trade-offs or compromises.

Watch the Video

If you’re interested in viewing the keynote, I think you’ll find it huuugely valuable.

This blog post was published October 06, 2016.

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