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Today MapR announced the availability of free Hadoop On-Demand Training for developers, analysts and administrators. Hadoop On-Demand Training offers full-length courses on a range of Hadoop technologies for developers, data analysts and administrators. Designed in a format that meets your convenience, availability and flexibility needs, these courses will lead you on the path to becoming a certified Hadoop professional.

You might ask, “Why are we doing this?” There’s growing evidence that Hadoop is going mainstream in 2015, driven by a need to take advantage of big data and provide better products and services to customers, improve operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantage in the market.

One of the biggest challenges of Hadoop adoption has been the lack of skilled professionals to manage the technology, and more importantly, to develop applications and derive insights on the data to make better decisions. There is a large supply and demand gap for trained big data technologists and analytics experts. Job postings for big data oriented skills are at an all-time high, as seen in the chart below, published by

big data hadoop jobs careers

Source: Dice, May 2014

Another report from shows that nine of the top ten highest paying IT salaries are for languages, databases and skills related to big data.

1. R $115,531 6. OmniGraffle $111,039
2. NoSQL $114,796 7. Pig $109,561
3. MapReduce $144,396 8. Service Oriented Architecure $108,997
4. PMBOK $112,382 9. Hadoop $108,669
5. Cassandra $112,382 10. Mongo DB $107,825

Top 10 Paying Technology Jobs from’s 2014 Salary Survey Report (January 2014)

So far, the training choices for professionals have been very restrictive. Individuals have had to spend significant dollars on in-person training, combined with travel expenses to the location and a big window of committed time. This is a big deterrent for learning and it goes against the needs of today’s professionals in terms of cost, convenience, flexibility, availability and access to information.

We launched our Hadoop On-Demand Training program to address today’s professionals’ needs and to train the next wave of Hadoop and big data professionals. The comprehensive curriculum provides engaging and interactive video lessons, hands-on exercises, labs and quizzes, enabling you to acquire valuable Hadoop skills and knowledge on your own schedule.

Learning Hadoop with cardsHadoop training essentials course

We offer a range of courses that cater to the varying needs of the developers, administrators and data analysts. In addition, the courses within each of these learning paths prepare you to become certified as a Hadoop professional and enable you to gain a valuable credential for the most sought-after technology expertise in the industry.

The Hadoop On-Demand Training Courses available now are:

Additional courses that will be available later this quarter include:

  • HBase Schema Design and Data Modeling
  • Developing HBase Applications
  • Hadoop Data Analysis with Apache Drill
  • Hadoop Data Analysis with Apache Hive

To summarize, the free Hadoop On-Demand Training program offers:

  • 24x7x365 access to all online training courses
  • High quality, in-depth curriculum on a variety of Hadoop technologies such as MapReduce, HBase, Hive and Drill
  • Preparation to get you certified as a Hadoop expert

There’s no need to wait any longer—start learning Hadoop now!

This blog post was published January 27, 2015.

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