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MapR is pleased to support our partner Cisco with today's Cisco UCS M5 series server launch. The Cisco UCS M5 series brings the power of Unified Computing to data-intensive analytics, applications at the edge, and the next generation of scale-out workloads. These are all use cases that we at MapR see our customers moving towards. These horizontal use cases take advantage of the full breadth of the capabilities of the MapR Data Platform and enable customers to build next-generation applications. The M5 series can take on greater workloads, with double the memory capacity of prior systems, and improves the speed at which real-time analytics can be delivered. The new Cisco UCS M5 servers, also features the latest in Intel� Xeon� processors as well as the fastest memory, storage, and I/O options. Digital transformation is a key initiative that can be accelerated with this newly released Cisco UCS server product line. We look forward to working with Cisco on optimizing our respective products further.

At MapR we've been hearing from our customers that digital transformation is critical for them to retain and improve their competitive advantage. From our viewpoint, we see 3 key factors that are important to achieving this. These are data convergence, stream processing and agility respectively.

Data convergence is really about being able to combine analytics and operations into a single platform. This not only drives efficiencies and reduces duplication of data, but more importantly eliminates delays and latency, leading to real-time applications. While volume and variety get lots of attention when it comes to big data typically these are created one event at a time and need a real-time streaming approach to tap into the various data flows. Event streams help simplify data integration pipelines and are key to real-time applications. The last factor is agility which is all about having flexibility when it comes to data, application and infrastructure agility. These are all benefits you can avail of with the MapR Data Platform.

The long-standing partnership of MapR and Cisco continues to grow further with the launch of Cisco UCS M5 server line to better serve our customers in their journey towards digital transformation.

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This blog post was published July 11, 2017.

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