Enterprise-Grade Workload Management for Hadoop Customers

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The MapR partner ecosystem continues to expand. Univa, the Data Center Automation company, today announced their partnership with MapR to integrate the Univa Grid Engine with the MapR Enterprise Big Data platform. This partnership allows customers to create a shared infrastructure for Hadoop that fosters rapid enterprise-wide deployment and ensures a big return on your investment.

The pairing of our two companies enables a best-in-breed Hadoop solution with enterprise policy controls, such as different end users securely accessing the cluster to advance today’s basic fair share rules. This alleviates the barriers-to-entry in the traditional enterprise environment with features like support for mixed workloads, scalability and disaster recovery. With flexibility in deployment methodologies, enterprises can accelerate Hadoop deployments into production.

Join us for our joint webinar titled Hadoop Multi-tenancy and Cluster Resource Scheduling at Scale to learn:

  • How to enable the most use cases possible when implementing Hadoop industry best practices enabling multi-tenancy and managed access to data in the cluster;
  • Why mixed workload management is a foundational component to operationalizing Hadoop in the enterprise;
  • Why resource sharing, job prioritization, and cluster management are important in the scalable roll out of Hadoop.

This blog post was published July 23, 2013.