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It has been an exciting time for us here at MapR with the unveiling of the Apache Drill project and the enormous amount of interest in the project. Many in the industry have commented to me about Drill being a game changer for Hadoop as well as the larger Big Data community.

I recently participated in the Google Developer Group Meetup at the Google campus – Crunching Big Data with Google BigQuery + Introducing Apache Drill – where I had the opportunity to present the Apache Drill project to a packed crowd of over 300 people. I wanted to share some of the highlights from the day here. For more information you can watch the YouTube video from the event.

Our sincere thanks go to Google for hosting us and for featuring Apache Drill during the Meetup. In a way, it was apt for Apache Drill to be presented on Google grounds as the Apache Drill project was inspired by Dremel: the large scale interactive analysis solution developed within Google and described in a recent paper.

The event started off with a very interesting presentation on the Google BigQuery service by Ryan Boyd. It was fascinating to see how BigQuery – the external service that is powered by Dremel – could be easily used to solve interesting problems. Ryan shared some unique insights based on BigQuery analysis. For instance, he found that an infant’s weight depended on the US state in which he or she was born, and that the age of first pregnancy had a correlation with whether a state was democratic or republican in the last election.

My presentation on Apache Drill provided an overview of the project and touched on topics such as query latency, nested data models, query languages, overall architecture and the design principles. I also answered questions about how Apache Drill reduces latency and the benefits it provides. Some other questions involved how it would interact with the underlying Hadoop file system and what kind of setup would work best. The questions kept coming until we were finally escorted out of the building by Google Security.

Overall, it was a great event with immense participation and interest on the topic and we hope to engage the community to help deliver on the promise of Apache Drill.

We are extremely excited about the project and are going to host a meetup next week. We encourage everyone interested to contribute and make Apache Drill a success for the Hadoop community.

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Tomer Shiran | Director of Product Management| MapR Technologies.

This blog post was published September 08, 2012.

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