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MapR Support has made significant advances toward simplifying access to expert knowledge and solving technical questions on product usage and performance. With several hundred resolved cases in any given month, learnings from the Support team are always growing. We would like to share these insights with you by way of high quality, reusable knowledge.

Featured Knowledge Articles

Below are some valuable articles that have had the highest page views in the past month, owing purely to organic online search results. Hit rates on these articles have been exceptional, relative to other equally valuable articles, and it is for that reason that these articles are featured.

How to configure LDAP client by using SSSD for authentication on CentOS

This article addresses a very common use case in the context of configuring MapR with simple step-by-step solutions.

Java: "Unable to find valid certification path to requested target" error while accessing S3 data

Generally, Java trusts only certificates that are signed by certificate authorities or public certificates that exist in TrustStores (which contains a list of certificates of trusted SSL servers/Certificate Authorities trusted to identify servers).

How do I connect from JDBC to MySQL using Spark SQL datasource?

This article outlines the steps to connect to MySQL with some sample code, usable on Spark.

Spark Troubleshooting Guide: Spark SQL: How do I print the schema of a DataFrame?

The Scala interface for Spark SQL supports automatically converting an RDD containing case classes to a DataFrame. The case class defines the schema of the table. The names of the arguments to the case class are read using reflection and become the names of the columns.

How to Create Your Own Grafana Dashboards

This article is for creating your own Grafana dashboards. When installing Grafana, MapR automatically installs demo dashboards, but if you want more detail, you can create your own.

About the Articles

The articles shared above are typically created in response to recurring support requests from current MapR customers. Solutions are reviewed by technical experts in the Support organization and, as a result of their reusability, are continuously updated for validity and relevance. MapR is committed to making deep improvements to your peer-to-peer, self-support, and assisted-support experiences. Expect deep solutions that enrich your experience in knowledge access and consumption.


  1. An Introduction to The MapR Support Portal: Answers at Your Fingertips! https://mapr.com/blog/mapr-support-portal-answers-at-your-fingertips/
  2. MapR Support Portal: https://mapr.com/support/
  3. Usage Video:

This blog post was published May 03, 2018.

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