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One of the challenges with big data technologies is the ability to get the system installed, configured and up and running. Without a running system, you cannot even start leveraging your data assets. A fully functional big data stack is comprised of many interdependent products/services.

Due to the growing demand from customers, new products have emerged in the market at a very rapid pace. Furthermore, companies and the open source community have quickly responded to customer feedback with newer versions of these products.

The result is a proliferation of services/versions that are available to users who want to install the big data stack. However, the compatibility across products/versions has been left as an exercise for the end users! For the larger enterprise customers who have deep investments in their IT departments or can afford to pay big services contracts, this is fine. As customers start to have multiple use cases on the same cluster, the need to have compatible products becomes even more critical. Some vendors force users to install a single combination of services, which impacts flexibility. This complexity has kept many of the smaller IT shops, partners, and other "early-to-Hadoop" players at bay.

The MapR GUI wizard-based Installer addresses these concerns. Pre-configured deployment templates hide the complexity of selecting different services – and ensure that you didn't miss one. It supports version flexibility while making sure you only select compatible versions of services (Figure 1).

Hadoop deployment template

Figure 1. Deployment templates and compatibility checks prevent common mistakes.

The Installer guides you through configuration and node selection, and performs numerous system prerequisite checks while preventing you from clobbering a prior install unknowingly (Figure 2). The Installer takes care of service layout across different nodes and optimizes for high availability. For advanced users, the Installer provides options to customize the service placement if desired.

Hadoop installation template

Figure 2. The Installer does a number of prerequisite checks.

Hadoop install

Figure 3. The Installer gets you up and running in minutes.

The easy to use MapR Installer eliminates the complexity of installation and configuration. It removes common errors and missed steps in installing a big data cluster. You will be up and running in minutes and become productive in developing your big data solution (Figure 3.). Come dance with the elephant by clicking Download here.

This blog post was published May 22, 2015.

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