What a Difference a Year Makes: Happy Anniversary, Apache Drill

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What does a superior product, a strong community, and successful customers add up to? The answer is incredible momentum, and that's what Apache Drill has experienced this past year. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since Apache Drill first became generally available on the MapR Data Platform—yes, a full 365 days! This is just the beginning of the impact Apache Drill will have on big data analytics.

We like to think of the 3 S’s when it comes to Apache Drill—Simplicity, Self-Service, and Scale. These powerful characteristics allow you to process large datasets with minimal schema design, lower cycles for ETL, and take advantage of agile, self-service data exploration.

Let’s take a look at what’s transpired during the last year:

For the rest of 2016, the Apache Drill community will continue to follow the agile release cycles and drive the momentum forward to take the performance/scale to next level and broaden deployments of Drill in enterprises. From a MapR standpoint, we also look forward to making great progress towards evolving Drill as the unified query layer for the MapR Data Platform. Stay tuned for more specifics on the roadmap on what lies ahead for the project. You will be able to unlock more value faster from all of your data with Apache Drill, and that’s exciting for everyone! The future has never looked better.

If you haven’t tried out Apache Drill before, download the MapR Sandbox and get drilling!

This blog post was published May 19, 2016.

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