How Big Data is Changing PR

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This is an excerpt from a blog that originally appeared on Cision Blog on August 21, 2013.
Big Data has the potential to change the way PR is done and make public relations a more encompassing aspect of managing a company. Here's just three ways how:
1. A New Way to Tell Stories

Many PR pros have been stuck trying to generate news content based on a tiny survey or focus groups because the company simply didn't have the funds to complete a true quantitative research project. With access to Big Data, PR pros can tell a story based on real consumer trends and real data. Not only will journalists appreciate a story pitch with excellent research behind it, but PR pros may discover something truly new that will be useful both to themselves and others. big-data-pr

2. Adjust Messaging and Respond to Public Trends

Wouldn't it be great to know when a certain hashtag will be trending again or to be able to identify what spurs a negative reaction to your company or industry? With Big Data, PR pros can analyze what has caused a trend in the past and be able to predict when it will occur again. Big Data can also help PR pros adjust messaging based on the trends they find, and more effectively generate interest in a product by analyzing which audience to target first.
3. Master that Budgeting MeetingThe PR industry acknowledges the importance of measuring success and determining its influence on ROI, which is why top PR software services include basic and advanced media analyses to determine whether your campaign was successful. Quantifying the effectiveness of your media campaign is not solely limited to driving sales and encompasses more than just counting media impressions. Today's PR professional is looking beyond positive and negative associations with a client's brand and delving more into understanding buyer intentions and other non-branded topical conversations.
Getting StartedSince the introduction of social media, media data has grown exponentially. This poses a unique challenge to media companies looking to capture all types of data, but needs it to be cost-effective, while ensuring scalability and reliability. Now, with Big Data platforms like Hadoop becoming available to help companies store, analyze and provide meaning insights, companies can quickly offer innovative products and services in order to stay ahead of the competition.
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This blog post was published August 22, 2013.

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