HP Vertica on MapR – Enterprise SQL-on-Hadoop Option for Sophisticated BI Needs

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Today we are very excited to announce early access of the new HP Vertica Analytics Platform on MapR at the O’Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work. This solution tightly integrates HP Vertica’s high-performance analytic platform directly on the MapR Enterprise-Grade Distribution for Hadoop with no “connectors” required. We wanted to provide some additional details on this integration and why this is important for customers.

Hadoop’s Fit in the Enterprise Data Architecture

Hadoop offers a highly attractive value proposition for organizations across all industries and is becoming a critical part of the enterprise data architecture. A large number of applications and workloads including batch, interactive and real time are converging on Hadoop, making it the central “hub” for the data. This is because of the cost, scale, and the flexibility of storing new types of data without having to specify a structure upfront. As Hadoop goes into “production” with customers, it is imperative that it meets the same key criteria of other enterprise-class systems.

MapR is the only distribution that is built from the ground up to support these business-critical production applications with enterprise-grade features such as high availability, consistent point-in-time snapshots and recovery of data, and full disaster recovery while at the same time offering record-breaking performance and scalability. MapR is also the only distribution that can reliably run analytical as well as online/NoSQL applications in one single platform with its unified architecture for tables and files, enabling a new class of applications for customers such as real-time offers and churn prevention.

Where does HP Vertica fit?

Since Hadoop enables companies to capture more and newer data sets more easily than before, organizations are looking to make Hadoop data available to a broader business community for leveraging it in strategic as well as day-to-day operational decisions. Many of these users rely heavily on mature BI/analytics tools and thus require ANSI SQL support, cost-based optimization of complex machine-generated SQL, handling of complex joins, rich analytics support to perform complex analysis on data, support for a larger number of parallel users, and strong metadata support. HP Vertica on MapR provides a complete and optimized SQL-on-Hadoop solution for these customers.

How does it work?

MapR is the only platform that could integrate an MPP analytic platform natively on Hadoop without requiring connectors or external tables in order for the MPP platform to interact with Hadoop data. This is made possible by the architecture of the MapR data platform, and specifically the underlying distributed file system that supports full random reads and writes, and concurrent readers and writers. This enables the database systems to load, manage and query the data without compromising performance and scalability.

With this integration, HP Vertica works as a native application on top of MapR, sharing the cluster resources with other Hadoop frameworks and applications. The storage utilization of each application is dynamic and grows to the needs of business without requiring pre-allocation of file system space for HP Vertica. The architecture also allows customers to leverage MapR’s consistent snapshots and mirroring to provide point-in-time recovery and disaster recovery for HP Vertica with practically no effort.

Why is MapR + HP Vertica Unique?

The combination of MapR + HP Vertica provides customers with:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Use the same hardware for running both MapR and HP Vertica with no pre-allocation of nodes
  • Get better data protection with significantly less hardware than other distributions of Hadoop

Fast, Open SQL-on-Hadoop

  • Achieve faster performance across a broader range of data types
  • Use complete and open industry ANSI SQL, POSIX, and NFS standards

Complete Analytics

  • Run and visualize exploratory analytics on semi-structured data and operationalize insights in a single step on a unified platform
  • Analyze data in-place with richest set of built-in analytic functions directly on Hadoop
  • Take advantage of a tightly integrated solution with no connectors required

Enterprise-Grade Reliability

  • Take advantage of the only distribution to offer full high availability for Hadoop
  • Use MapR’s unique consistent point-in-time snapshots and mirrors for data protection and disaster recovery

Which versions of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform does this early-access solution support?

The HP Vertica MapR solution is supported on HP Vertica 7 and MapR 3.0.2.

When will the release be generally available?

We expect to release the joint solution in March. If you’re interested in learning more and being notified when available, please email us at Neeraja Rentachintala and Andy Lerner.

Summary: MapR and Vertica together demonstrate technical leadership in providing the best-of-breed SQL-on-Hadoop solution for enterprises. HP Vertica and MapR produce a comprehensive, tightly integrated, scalable, open-standards big data platform solution. There is no need to manage a dual cluster environment. For analysts, data scientists, and business users wanting more analytical power and faster ability to drive business decisions and execution, HP Vertica delivers the industry’s most advanced SQL-on-Hadoop analytics directly on MapR for higher performance and lower TCO.

This blog post was published February 11, 2014.

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