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You may have seen HPE's press release today announcing its acquisition of MapR's business assets.

We want to thank our customers and employees for their support in making an incredible decade-long journey of world-class innovation possible. Our teams have successfully evolved with the industry to keep the MapR Data Platform at the leading edge as new AI compute technologies, containerization and hybrid cloud became of paramount importance.

It is likely you are already an HPE customer and well acquainted with their innovative track record. This transaction allows HPE to accelerate capabilities for the Intelligent Data Platform and positions HPE as a strategic partner to help customers leverage AI/ML and Analytics to achieve data-driven business outcomes. HPE's recent moves in this space are in tune with the market's need for a data platform to support digital transformation, the emergence of Edge-to-Cloud architectures, and the explosion of data driving new and autonomous use cases in industries like transportation, energy, and medicine. Our community now has the opportunity to become part of HPE's broad ecosystem. HPE plans to support existing deployments along with ongoing renewals. And, together with HPE we can innovate and develop hybrid cloud and AI solutions with the ability to better support customers world-wide.

Customers will continue to come first.

  • The engineering team will continue to innovate in the areas customers have indicated are important, such as seamless edge integration and ways to embrace hybrid and multi-cloud environments. You may have already seen our announcements related to Kubernetes in April.
  • The support team will continue to support your success
  • The Professional Support team will continue to engage with you and our key partners as needed.

In the coming days we will work quickly to connect you with the appropriate HPE sales teams. If you would like to contact MapR directly in the near future below are a few options:

Thank you to everyone who brought MapR to this moment. Best wishes for the future.

MapR leadership team

This blog post was published August 04, 2019.

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