If Santa’s Reindeer Were Developers, Which Reindeer Would You Be?

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You may understand your work style at the office, but what if you were a developer reindeer at the North Pole? As a reindeer software engineer, you may be tasked by Santa to use the MapR Data Platform and MapR Event Store to:

  • Monitor health of reindeer fleet
  • Track Santa sentiment data
  • Employ sensors for pro-active sleigh maintenance
  • Track gift delivery routes to optimize logistics management
  • Measure gift popularity
  • Provide online gift recommendations
  • Improve toy manufacturing process
  • Monitor behavior of naughty/nice children

Take our holiday quiz to find out which reindeer you would be if you were writing code for Santa, then click on enter and fill out the form to receive a free e-gift. Happy Holidays!

This blog post was published December 14, 2015.

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