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Recently Cloudera and Hortonworks announced their merger.

The merger is not a surprise as Hortonworks M&A rumors have circulated for years. Cloudera and Hortonworks bet on commodity Hadoop and haven't differentiated themselves enough in the market. They have seen their growth stall and have been very capital intensive businesses. Hadoop alone isn't enough to support the demands of advanced analytics and AI/ML. Simply put, commodity Hadoop falls short of today's customer needs when it comes to AI, analytics, and the cloud, and this makes it hard to find a path to profitability and sustained growth. Neither has a good AI/ML story because their platforms do not support POSIX and the AI/ML libraries the way MapR does.

Their press release said their aim was to "...create the world's leading next generation data platform provider, spanning multi-cloud, on-premises, and the Edge." They expect this to take at least three years.

MapR was founded to build the next generation data platform, and for nine years we have heavily invested in hard engineering to deliver that vision. The MapR platform was built in anticipation of the evolutions of workloads from Hadoop to Spark to AI/MLand the progression from on-premises to cloud, multi-cloud, IoT, and now Kubernetes. There is no three-year waiting period to address these use cases. Today we already have MapR deployed on oil rigs and in medical devices. A quarter of MapR business is in the public cloud. MapR has some of the largest and most advanced Hadoop and Spark deployments.

Innovation is certainly not the focus of this merger. The merger is about cutting costs. Cloudera and Hortonworks have several redundant competing technologies, for example Ambari and Cloudera Manager or Sentry and Ranger. The merger announcement says these redundant technologies will be "unified," meaning some will be discontinued, causing customers undue switching cost pain. They have little technology that is accretive to their overall platform.

It is time to learn why so many former Cloudera and Hortonworks customers have moved to MapR. Let us show you how we can help you use data and navigate the journey to the cloud and containerization more effectively.

People who build their businesses on data build on MapR. We would love to learn what you want to get done. Don't just dream bigger, achieve more with MapR.

This blog post was published October 04, 2018.

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