Infographic: The Rise of Kubernetes

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Kubernetes has exploded onto the container orchestration scene, making containerized applications astonishingly easy to deploy, scale, and manage. Kubernetes has accomplished so much in just three years, including:

  • Garnering 680 reviews on GitHub, making it the second-most reviewed project last year
  • Receiving 91,000 comments on Red Hat’s OpenShift Origin repository
  • Gaining a huge following among those that are using containers in production – 60% of respondents using containers in production are also running Kubernetes to manage those containers

Want to see even more mind-boggling stats? Check out our Rise of Kubernetes graphic below to see why Kubernetes is taking the open source world by storm. And be sure to sign up for our FREE online Kubernetes course here!

The Rise of K8s

This blog post was published August 16, 2018.

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