Installation Guide for RHadoop on MapR Now Available

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We are excited to announce the availability of the installation guide for RHadoop on MapR, titled “RHadoop and MapR: Accessing Enterprise-Grade Hadoop from R”. This highly detailed installation guide explains how to install and use RHadoop with MapR and R on RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Revolution Analytics was founded in 2007 to foster the R community, as well as support the growing needs of commercial users. In 2011, Revolution Analytics introduced the RHadoop open source project, which is an open source collection of three R packages, and is one of the most frequently downloaded projects on GitHub. Revolution R Enterprise, their high-performance, enterprise-class analytics software, does not simply connect to Hadoop—it runs inside it, allowing users to easily manage and analyze data with Hadoop from the familiar R environment. Revolution R Enterprise supports interfaces to MapReduce, HDFS and HBase, powering production analytics for enterprise customers. Example use cases include:

  • A life sciences company uses Revolution R Enterprise and Hadoop to deliver recommended treatments to its customers based on user- specified details of planned usage.
  • A leading US bank developed an innovative prediction engine based on Revolution R Enterprise and Hadoop.
  • A marketing sciences company analyzes billions of cookies and session records with a cloud-enabled solution of Hadoop and Revolution R Enterprise.

The installation guide for RHadoop on MapR covers the following topics:

  • Environment: Description of product versions used in the integration testing environment
  • R: Description of the two versions of R
  • Special Installation Notes: Notes regarding the installation process and commands used
  • Install R: Step-by-step instructions for installing R
  • Install RHadoop: Specific instructions for installing individual RHadoop packages
  • Resources: Links to additional information about GNU R, RHadoop, Apache Thrift, Revolution Analytics, and MapR Technologies.

You can download the installation guide here.

This blog post was published April 08, 2014.

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