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Storage and data management are in the midst of an exciting generational replatforming to leap forward into the digital age. With the exponential growth of data volumes and rigid infrastructures, moving data and integrating analytics with operational processes is becoming increasingly difficult. The resulting data silos make it even more difficult to derive meaning and intelligence from the valuable data. This leads to high costs of processing and storing of data, and these costs only continue to grow with the data volumes. As a result, we conclude that today’s storage and data management technologies were not designed to take advantage of distributed computing environments, cloud infrastructures, containers and virtualization, and IoT. Therefore, a need arises for a new kind of data platform. Intelligent applications that automate real-time operational decisions on the basis of deep analytical insights are necessary.

This is where MapR XD comes in as the solution. MapR XD Distributed File and Object Store is the industry’s only exabyte-scale data store for building intelligent applications with the MapR Data Platform. The unique MapR Platform enables the creation of data fabric with a global view of data and metadata, supporting a wide diversity of data types for both analytics and operations. MapR XD is a high-scale, reliable, globally distributed data store, delivering an organization’s data fabric for managing files, objects, and containers. MapR XD supports the most stringent speed, scale, and reliability requirements within and across multiple edge, on-premises, and cloud environments.


Let’s look at some of the key features of MapR XD:

  • Global NameSpace A method that offers simple data access management by providing a consolidated view into files that are in different physical locations.
  • Data Replication MapR provides data protection using data replication, and the method of replication ensures there is no data loss or access loss during failures.
  • Topologies Topology is a unique MapR feature that ensures reliability and an efficient data placement across the cluster.
  • Auto Tiering A strong feature that maintains the lifecycle of data and allows for efficient usage of cluster capacity and data management.
  • ACEs MapR offers another powerful and unique model of authorization in the form of Access Control Expressions (ACEs).
  • Self-Healing MapR provides self healing from multiple simultaneous failures, where it reconstructs the data from copies, allowing cluster availability at all times.
  • Open Interfaces By supporting specific protocol interfaces, a wide range of applications that dictate diverse characteristics and metrics can all be hosted on a single, flexible platform.
  • Instant Snapshots MapR Snapshots are read-only volume-level snapshots and are beneficial for rollback from errors, hot backups, and managing real-time analysis.

Some examples on how customers are benefitting from MapR XD include:

  1. For financial services, speed in identifying potential fraudulent activity is critical for keeping clients safe from cyber criminals. MapR XD enables companies to unify, manage, and act on data rapidly, ultimately resulting in critical advantages.
  2. For data warehouse use cases, MapR is being used to drive consistent speed at scale, hosting multi-tenant applications, while maintaining the different tiers of data.
  3. MapR XD is also extensively used by enterprise organizations building a cloud platform, because of its scale, reliability, and ability to host different applications across different user groups.

These are just a few examples of how MapR XD is a revolutionary data platform. If you are looking for globally distributed scale and reliability, functionality with any data type, and integrated analytics to operationalize data, talk to us about how MapR XD can help.

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This blog post was published June 06, 2017.

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