Introducing the New MapR Control System in MapR 6.0

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Today, we are proud to announce the next-generation MapR Control System (MCS). Building on the Spyglass Initiative, this new administrative product couples a unified and intuitive management interface with scalable and secure monitoring for on-premises, cloud, and edge clusters. With its integration of files, tables, and streams, MapR has always been the simplest and most cost-efficient platform to manage. Today it gives administrators further control and visibility to manage the converged infrastructure.

Organizations are not only looking to drive a lot more business value from data investments, but also benefit from the wave of infrastructure agility. They are encountering several challenges:

  • Data silos and isolated tools that bring additional complexity.
  • An ever-growing ecosystem that brings new innovations but at a higher operational cost.
  • Lack of knowledge and visibility in tuning to get the best ROI.
  • Harder to setup critical enterprise-grade features for high-availability, disaster recovery, and data protection.

MapR Control System has been redesigned to take an already self-managed platform and make cluster operations easy, autonomous, and intelligent. In its first release, MCS makes it easy for customers to manage their cluster infrastructure and MapR platform using a simple, intuitive, and actionable interface. With a unified management solution, built-in real-time insights, and fast time-to-action, MCS is vital cog in the DataOps movement.

In our conversations with our users, we learned that monitoring was a big piece of day-to-day big data operations. MCS in MapR 6.0 expands on the Spyglass initiative by co-relating events with metrics and logs and providing actionable recommendations. It also simplifies common tasks such as managing tenant quotas, monitoring nodes and services, and configuring data elements.

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The top features of MapR 6.0 MCS include:

  • A quick glance cluster dashboard
  • Resource utilization by node and by service
  • Capacity planning using storage utilization trends and per tenant usage
  • Easy to set up replication, snapshots, and mirrors
  • The ability to manage cluster events with related metrics and expert recommendations
  • Direct access to default metrics and pre-filtered logs
  • The power to manage MapR Event Store and configure replicas
  • Access to MapR Database tables, indexes, and change logs
  • Intuitive mechanisms to set up volume, table, and stream ACEs for access control

We released MapR Monitoring with 5.2 to build a customizable and extensible monitoring framework. With 6.0 we are making it even more scalable with the use of MapR Event Store in the core architecture. We are also driving more granular visibility through, for example, volume performance metrics such as latency, IOPs, and throughput. With additional flexible deployment options such as Installer Stanzas and cloud offerings, we are on a mission to empower our administrators.

MapR 6.0

Learn more about the new MCS with MapR 6.0 here.

This blog post was published November 21, 2017.

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