Large-scale Analysis is the Key to Reflected Intelligence: MapR and LucidWorks Webinar Tells You How

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Using Search and Big Data isn’t just about analyzing social media content and web traffic; there is a wide array of new applications for the combined technology of fast Hadoop and real-time ad hoc data accessibility. In our latest webinar “Crowd Sourcing Reflected Intelligence Using Search and Big Data” LucidWorks Chief Scientist, Grant Ingersoll, and our own Chief Application Architect, Ted Dunning, explained how search and big data are combining forces to deliver entirely new intelligence capabilities.

Ted and Grant presented thought provoking examples of how search technology can be combined with big data analytics to mine raw data to find useful patterns of behavior. They also presented real use cases of how businesses have used these methods.

Some examples cited include:

  • A telecommunications company using search and big data to analyze social media to correlate events with bandwidth traffic. It’s a way to predict and plan for traffic spikes that could affect equipment and service reliability.
  • Helping drug companies combat counterfeit drugs by analyzing commonly used language of online merchants who deal in fakes.
  • How Virginia Tech is implementing a system to analyze data around a crisis to help improve response times and learn root causes of events in the first place.

The use of MapR’s enterprise-grade Apache Hadoop distribution and LucidWorks ability to leverage Apache Lucene/Solr open source search project for enterprise use is a perfect combination to deliver on the capabilities of enterprise grade search and big data analytics.

This blog post was published December 16, 2012.

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