Machine Learning with MapR

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Ted is just back from OSCON where he co-presented Hands On Mahout - Mammoth Scale Machine Learning. The slides are available for this tutorial that covered the evolution of Mahout for clustering and classification of large datasets. If you’re interested in hands-on instruction for machine learning and how specific algorithms can be used to solve real-world problems – this is the session.

Ted is now on his way to the Big Data DC Meetup in DC. As the PMC chair for Mahout, Ted is helping break new ground for massive scale machine learning. Tomorrow Ted will be presenting the practical implications on machine learning applications of MapR's distribution for Apache Hadoop. In Ted’s words these range from the “very prosaic to the very profound.” What better way to summarize the range of benefits of MapR for machine learning.

This blog post was published August 02, 2011.

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