MapR and Teradata: Why Architecture Matters for Customer Success

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We are pleased to announce that MapR has entered into an expanded partnership agreement with Teradata to provide our best-in-class Hadoop distribution, support, and services as part of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture. MapR already has dozens of joint customers with Teradata across major industries who use both of our solutions. Now those customers benefit from even deeper technical integration and new options for support and services. Our new partnership covers broad technology integration and development road map alignment to provide future innovation, as well as a unified go-to-market offering.

MapR and Teradata share a common technology vision. Both companies are experts in distributed systems and you can expect jointly developed innovative solutions from us. The MapR Data Platform, which is the foundation of the MapR Distribution, is much more similar to Teradata’s database architecture than any other Hadoop distribution on the market. In addition, MapR has been recognized by a leading industry analyst for our NoSQL database offering which will give Teradata customers an integrated offering for running operational applications such as real-time fraud detection within the Teradata UDA.

What does this mean for you? If you’re a sophisticated data warehouse user that deals with complex workloads, you will want to continue to benefit from your Teradata investment and have it more tightly integrated with your Hadoop environment to harvest and share new insights across the organization. If you’re planning on running your long-term production environment with Hadoop as a reliable system of record together with your data warehouse and other enterprise systems, it’s imperative that your Hadoop distribution provide the same requirements as the rest of your IT portfolio— especially in terms of SLAs, data protection and security.

The benefits of this expanded Teradata/MapR partnership include deep expertise from both companies who can help you figure out the best way to bring Hadoop into your overall data warehouse architecture.

As a joint customer, you’ll also benefit from the individual strengths that each company brings to the table:

  • MapR: The MapR Distribution including Hadoop brings speed, dependability, scalability, standards-based APIs and tools, Direct Access NFS™, integrated security, multi-tenancy, consistent snapshots, high availability, and disaster recovery to meet a full range of SLAs.
  • Teradata: Teradata’s QueryGrid ecosystem of connectors bring Hadoop and NoSQL database data from MapR to the Unified Data Architecture, resulting in a cohesive and transparent architecture that leverages the best-of-breed, complementary value of Teradata and MapR.

By integrating the MapR Distribution within the Teradata Unified Data architecture, customers will get direct access to the best-in-class data warehousing, discovery platform, Hadoop, and NoSQL options. Our partnership will accelerate your time to production, and you’ll be backed by the best technologists in the business. You can read more about our partnership on the Teradata blog “Teradata-MapR Partnership Brings More Simplicity and Choice Around Hadoop” or on the MapR site. You can also watch my conversation with Teradata Labs President, Scott Gnau, here.

This blog post was published November 19, 2014.

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