MapR Debuts New Logo and Web Site

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MapR has experienced significant growth, and as a worldwide company and leader in Hadoop technology for big data deployments, it was time to evolve our brand, logo and website.

We created a new logo that better reflects who we are as a company. Our intent was to create a logo that was bold, forward-looking, and helped to convey the passion our company has for customers and innovation.

The MapR Elephant

Another feature of MapR’s new branding is our elephant. Obviously, an elephant is already strongly associated with Hadoop, but did you know that the elephant is also associated with intelligence, sociability, and a vast memory?

A New Web Site and Blog Design

Our new web site design reflects many of the same attributes as our new logo and you’ll notice better navigation, an overall cleaner look, and improved content for both those new to Hadoop and those who are more experienced.

In addition, we’ve expanded our blog, which features four categories to make it easier for you to find information relevant to you. Over the next few weeks, we’ll also be launching a guest post feature of the blog, where you’ll be able to submit your own posts to our blog team for publication consideration. We look forward to your contributions!

We hope you like our new logo and web site as much as we do. I would love to hear what you think.

This blog post was published February 09, 2014.

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