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Editor's Note: Watch the on-demand webinar about the MapR Ecosystem Packs.

In this week’s Whiteboard Walkthrough, Rachel Silver, Ecosystem Product Manager at MapR, talks about MapR Ecosystem Packs or MEPs that give you a convenient way to upgrade open source ecosystem components without having to upgrade the core MapR platform. The open source components in MEPs have been tested to be functionally interoperable within the MEP so that you can spend more time processing/analyzing data and less time troubleshooting your stack.

The whiteboard shows only a sample of the ecosystem components included in the MEP. The full list of MEP components includes: Apache Hive, Apache Spark, Apache Pig, Apache Sqoop/Sqoop2, Apache Oozie, Apache Drill, Hue, Apache Mahout, Apache Flume, Apache Myriad, and Apache Storm (deprecating). Apache Impala and Apache Sentry require special permission.

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The full video transcript follows:

Hello. My name is Rachel Silver. I'm the Hadoop Ecosystem product manager here at MapR Technologies. Today, I would like to talk to you about the MapR Ecosystem Pack process. MapR Ecosystem Packs are a way to upgrade your Ecosystem components without having to upgrade your core MapR platform. To begin with, we need to talk about what your core MapR platform is. Here's an example of a MapR Data Platform. You have your storage there provided by MapR Distributed File and Object Store, you have your database there provided by MapR Database, and you have your event streams transport layer provided by MapR Streams (now called MapR Event Store). What we're looking at here is the processing layer that sits on top of the MapR Data Platform. We're going to look at a sample of the open-sourced Ecosystem solutions that exists within the circle. Now, on the outer circle we have Flink, StreamSets, Zeppelin. There are many more that we could list. These are products that are community-supported, not shipped by MapR, but that do work on MapR.

The next circle we have Hadoop and HBase. These are important Hadoop products that do ship with MapR. They are supported by MapR. But, they are not part of this inner circle. This inner circle is what we call the MapR Ecosystem Pack. That's what we're talking about today. These are selected components that have all been fully tested to be inter-operable within each pack. What this means is that every version within a MEP has been fully tested to work. Your Oozie actions will work with every other supported component. All of your Hive functionality will work with all of your Spark functionality. This will make life a lot easier for you.

Let's look at a release schedule of how this will look. This is simply hypothetical here. In August, we did release MapR 5.2 and we released MEP 1.0. We're looking at a quarter out now, three months or so. We will be releasing MEP 2.0 and we'll be releasing any maintenance fixes on MEP 1.01. These are all supported on MapR 5.2. You do not need to upgrade your core platform to get these upgrades. Looking six months out, about two quarters out, we'll have another major MEP release and we'll have maintenance upgrades for both of the existing MEP releases. All of these will be supported by MapR 5.2, giving you at least two chances to upgrade your components.

Thank you for listening today. If you have any comments or feedback, please leave it in the box below. Thank you very much.

This blog post was published November 30, 2016.

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