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MapR held its first annual Federal Partner Summit on February 2, 2017. The event was well attended with over 75 people, including 47 partner companies. The all-day summit provided insight into the award winning MapR Data Platform (CDP).

Hearing from key MapR executives, solution experts, thought leaders, and influencers within the federal government, attendees learned how the CDP positions MapR and its partners perfectly for the re-platforming and modernization needs of the federal government.

The U.S. government analyzes an enormous amount of data every day to determine the best course of action in military and civilian applications. Data is valuable to a broad range of activities including cyber security, weather modeling, disease prevention, logistics, identity management, entitlement planning, and many other use cases.

MapR patented technologies, powered by the industry’s fastest, most reliable, secure, and open data infrastructure that dramatically lowers TCO and enables global real-time data applications, are uniquely built to harness the power of the federal government's big data. John Coons, Systems Engineer at Semper Fortis Solutions, walked away with a clear understanding of why partnering with MapR gives his company a competitive advantage. “The MapR sessions were both informative and enjoyable,” said Coons. “We are looking for ways to introduce our technology that dynamically provisions hardware and establishes secure computing systems into multiple entities within the IC.  These customers will likely be a natural fit for MapR and in addition will augment our computing efforts.”

Jack Norris, Senior Vice President for Data and Applications at MapR, presented how MapR is a sought after technology that disrupts old legacy infrastructures in favor of IT transformations that drive better business results. With unlimited scalability, the CDP has the ability to revolutionize the way governments operate by providing next-generation converged applications that enable real-time analytics from both historical databases and true live streaming data from nodes located anywhere on the network.

After hearing Jack’s presentation, Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, was convinced. “Digital disruption is not a choice. It is a reality. The data explosion and digitalization of everything have passed a tipping point. There is no turning back. In this sea of data assets and digital challenges, there is a shining light to help us navigate through diverse technologies, limited resources, and virtually unlimited opportunity. The comprehensive data technologies roadmap and the inspired Data Platform vision from MapR are clearly showing the way forward. Isolated legacy systems will no longer suffice. NextGen thinking and a NextGen platform are imperatives. On that scorecard, the MapR team delivers! The MapR roadmap, vision, and platform have mission-driven purpose: to enable a blended, converged, agile, and scalable analytic and operational intelligence capability for a data-driven innovative response to the digital revolution within every organization. This capability is full spectrum from the smallest scale (with event-driven microservices) to enterprise scale (with an application-rich set of cloud-based analytics tools and services). With MapR as your organization’s partner, digital disruption never looked so inviting.”

In the afternoon, David Bauer, CTO for Deep Insight Solutions, walked through the Ultra Security Compliance Framework software and showed how it provides a flexible combination of security compliance and operational automation for the MapR Data Platform. According to Bauer, “Ultra provides an NSA security framework to MapR in order to ensure compliance with NIST 800-53 and FIPS 140-2 requirements. Following the SCAP Security Protocol and meeting these standards enables MapR Ultra to meet real customer requirements for PCI, PII, HIPAA, SOX, ICD 503, and many others. Ultra, in conjunction with MapR security, ensures customers not only have the most reliable enterprise big data platform, but also the most secure to support healthcare, finance, IoT, and other sensitive environments.”

While the primary theme of the Federal Partner Summit was geared toward the public sector, MapR also provided its partners with a better understanding of how the commercial sector is leveraging the CDP. Many of MapR Technologies’ key partners sell into both. For example, comScore, a leading internet technology and analytics company that measures audiences, brands and consumer behavior, was an early of adopter of Hadoop and currently used CDP to process over 2.2 trillion new internet, mobile, and TV records per month, providing syndicated and custom digital marketing intelligence. comScore selected MapR for its Hadoop distribution because of its greater performance, high availability, and internet scalability. Mike Brown, CTO at comScore, addressed how his organization is distilling insights from large sets of data to provide even more detailed analysis to its clients.

No federal summit would be complete without a comprehensive overview of the big data priorities of President Donald Trump’s administration and Congress, specifically opportunities to deploy identity management solutions across broader platforms. Ernest Baynard, President of Meridian Hill Strategies and a seasoned Capitol Hill lobbyist and public affairs specialist, covered the three key identity management initiatives moving forward: the border wall, biometric exit, and refugees. “As America expands and improves its identity management footprint in 2017 and beyond, protecting and understanding the data will be just as important as its capture,” said Baynard. “As users shift to a wider array of mobile devices for capture, there will simply be more data in the system. This reality makes building more secure, scalable, and efficient data platforms vital to our national security.” Baynard continued by saying, “There appears to be a strong desire by many in Congress to infuse smart, data-driven policies into the spending and policy initiatives to support new border security actions by the administration. Innovations in data fusion such as the MapR Data Platform are game changers from a technology standpoint. The key will be working closely with Congress and the Trump administration to ensure the federal paradigm can be shifted to keep up.”

The Federal Partner Summit ended with a round-robin series of breakout sessions covering federal use cases including predictive analytics and machine learning, real time and event-driven identity management, optimization and intelligence, and cost reduction and modernization.

Led by MapR Solutions Engineers, MapR Federal Advisory Board members, and Stephen Moore, Vice President of Engineering for Alpha Six Corp, the sessions demonstrated how the CDP is exceptionally positioned to address the federal government’s key data challenges such as cybersecurity, biometrics, Internet of Things, large-scale application development, and data warehouse offload and optimization.

“What an exciting time we live in,” commented Doug Natal, Vice President and General Manager of Federal at MapR. “For the first time the government has a platform that can harnesses the true power of its data. It takes the evidence from the past and the reality of the present to predict future outcomes. This technology is so powerful, it is helping the government make better decisions in so many areas, increasing citizen satisfaction and improving mission results.”

Throughout the Federal Partner Summit, MapR leadership continued to demonstrate how it is helping strategic partners achieve unparalleled growth through the Global Partner Program (CPP). Launched in August 2016, the CPP is a comprehensive global program built to meet the critical needs and interests of consulting, software, platform, OEM, resellers, and distribution partners for MapR.

The CPP helps strengthen MapR partnerships through the collaborative development of business objectives, value proposition, and technical value-add. It employs a proactive approach to business planning and revenue achievement. The program encompasses structured channel initiatives such as MapR Partner go-to-market initiatives and development support.

“The market recognizes that MapR provides a differentiated data platform,” said Geneva Lake, Vice President for Worldwide Alliances at MapR. “The Global Partner Program is designed to help our strategic partners drive new revenue and fast-track big data deployments.”

This blog post was published February 23, 2017.

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