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The MapR Installer web interface makes the installation of a MapR cluster easy. MapR Installer is used to install, upgrade, and apply EBF patches on a MapR cluster. MapR Installer has several phases, and users may face issues in any of these phases, depending on the level of complexity in their setup and optional configurations.


The MapR Installer Troubleshooting Hub is a compilation of technical issues most commonly faced by customers, along with steps to resolve these issues. This guide has captured different phases of installation/upgrade. It is divided into the sections below:

  1. Installing MapR Installer
  2. Rebuilding MapR Installer database
  3. Common errors during verification/installation/upgrade/extend-cluster
  4. Other common issues

Installer Troubleshooting Hub

KA Number KA Title KA Summary
Installing MapR Installer
000003169 MapR Installer script does not update properties.json after rerun This article shares information on metadata change impact on properties.json file during re-execution of script with different values.
000003167 MapR installation script fails on Ubuntu when Oracle Java 8 is already installed This article provides a workaround when new MapR installation on Ubuntu fails with script, where it cannot detect already installed Oracle Java 8 on the Ubuntu host.
000003145 fails to import repo key when --repo option is used This article provides information on a known error when script fails to fetch the repo key on a host that does not have internet connectivity.
Rebuilding MapR Installer database
000003290 Recreate MapR Installer DB using Stanza features This article provides the steps required to recreate the MapR Installer database on an existing cluster.
000003250 mapr-qs incorrectly replaces mapr-drill in probed YAML file with installer v1.7 This article provides details on an error related to the mapr-qs package, seen during the probe phase.
000003129 MapR installer probe command fails with "File /usr/lib64/python2-6/ line 1238 in _execute_child\r\n raise child_exception\r\nOSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory" This article provides a workaround to the error "No such file or directory" seen during verification or prerequisite check phase.
000003215 MapR stanza probe may fail with mapr-installer v1.7 when mapr-drill 1.10 is present on cluster nodes This article provides a workaround when stanza probe fails, when mapr-drill 1.10 package already exists on the cluster node.
Common errors when verifying/installing/upgrading/extending cluster
000003318 With the MapR Installer's "extend cluster" option, services layouts are not shown correctly This article helps to recover service layout groups data when extending cluster.
000003129 MapR Installer probe command fails with "File /usr/lib64/python2-6/ line 1238 in _execute_child\r\n raise child_exception\r\nOSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory" This article provides a workaround to the error "No such file or directory" seen during verification phase.
000003165 MapR stanza installation fails when advanced YAML file is used with groups This article shares information on installation failure related to stanza when groups are used in an advanced YAML file.
000003218 MapR Installer stalls and does not proceed during upgrade This article shares information on a known issue when installation does not proceed due to a /mapr mount problem.
000002949 Error: Package mapr-libhbase version not supported by the current version of installer This article helps with information on a known limitation of MapR Installer, when mapr-libhbase-1.1.8 exists in cluster nodes.
Other common issues
000002764 How do I import custom SSL certificates into the MapR Installer? This article helps with steps to import custom certificates for MapR Installer UI.
000003204 How to upgrade a non-secure MapR cluster from v5.2.1 with MEP 3.0.2 to v6.0 with MEP 4.0 using the MapR Installer This article helps with upgrade steps from MapR v5.x to MapR v6.x.

About the Articles

To the committed MapR Support team, Knowledge Articles are a byproduct of solving real customer issues. Given the complexity of technical challenges in this area and given that users have a wide latitude of configurability in their setups, the focus of these articles is to enhance user education on self-solving technical issues. Note that the guidance on what log files are applicable for what issue-types is of high value here. This attempt is to cover the most common issues; it is not an exhaustive compilation. These tips and tricks have been verified to be helpful for several customer cases before being published to the Support Portal.

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