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Why Self-Support?

As products are designed increasingly with ease-of-use in mind, self-service for usage and troubleshooting has become the norm. Consumers expect self-service mechanisms to answer questions related to product usage and to help troubleshoot issues.

For simple questions on product usage­­–"How-do-I" requests, common error messages, and warnings– many B2B users prefer finding answers through their own research. To this end, it is no surprise that Tech Support is fast becoming a proactive, knowledge-sharing function. Many customers have come to see it as a requirement; some take it for granted. MapR sees it as a competitive advantage.

Does It Really Work?

The cost of reinventing the wheel–i.e., discovering a pre-existing solution to a problem at hand–can be huge. However, the goal of zero-rediscovery in problem-solving is as daunting as it is desirable. The benefits of coming closer to this target are significant to customers and support agents alike. MapR Support has made strong strides towards this lofty goal by instituting knowledge programs inspired by Knowledge Centered Service (KCS). With several hundreds of resolved cases in any given month, the Support team's learnings are always growing. With conscious learning comes voluntary sharing, and with accountability behind this sharing comes high quality, reusable knowledge. This program fuels the MapR Support Portal today.

MapR Support Portal

The MapR Support Portal is a cornerstone of a strong commitment to zero-rediscovery and knowledge-sharing.

  • All content is public and accessible through standard search engines, including, where more than 80% of corporate IT users start their knowledge search ( TSIA Survey results).
  • It is architected on a strong search engine, with user-ability to filter search results using an intuitive metadata-taxonomy.
  • The knowledge base (KB) leverages rich and curated content, including troubleshooting videos, scripts, and code-examples developed.
  • This content is used by support engineers everyday, thereby constantly certifying validity.

All of these benefits without even registering to log in to the portal!

Support Portal

Searching from: Gives you the ability to:
MapR Support Portal Find technical solutions in MapR Knowledge Base (KB) Future: MapR documentation, Converge Communities, Support Portal, and YouTube Channels, using powerful filtering and advanced search capabilities
Search Engines (e.g., Find content, including but not limited to MapR sites
MapR Community Browse or share recent, popular, or frequently used knowledge

How Good Is This Knowledge?

A variety of people-driven processes and knowledge management tools keep this content fresh, more accurate, and complete.

  • MapR Support Portal search results are powered by semantic search and driven by rich metadata.
  • By adopting a simple, well-established concept in KCS, Support Cases linked or associated with the article directly reflect the credibility of the solution. The more cases associated, the higher its credibility.
  • Owing to our KCS-certified knowledge tools and processes, our agents consume the content they create, curate, and reuse it. This qualifying metadata will soon be provided with our search results.

Is This for Everyone?

Indeed! All content on the MapR Support Portal is available to all users, even anonymous ones, without having to log in. For support-enabled customers, key advantages such as personalization, case creation, and proactive notifications also await!

"Too Much Info," You Say?

Of course, this information can be overwhelming. With a wide variety of dynamically created and systematically curated content, there is always a need for contextualization to each user. To mitigate this burden, the MapR Support Portal is designed with the ability for users to follow topics and articles of interest. This provides ways of returning to and reusing the solutions presented therein. For example, this mechanism comes in handy for known issues where patches are released after the issue is first published. Just log in to take advantage of these personalization features.

MapR Use-Cases

But the higher value is in proactive Support Advisories and notifications of tactical patches for severe and/or widespread Known Issues. The MapR Support Portal delivers these notifications into the customer's inbox, prioritizing the convenience in addition to the relevance.

Support Advisories and Known Issues

Self-Service at Its Best!

Our Create a Case feature displays possible solutions as you enter details in the case form.

  • Possible solutions presented to the right side of the case form are updated through dynamic search, using details entered only to display the most relevant solutions to the issue at hand.
  • Look here for our Troubleshooting Guides, showing you what log files can expedite your case resolution.
  • Clicking on one of these possible solutions opens it in a separate tab, so you do not lose the details of the case you are creating.
  • We believe better visibility and prioritization of possible solutions will lead to greater success in helping you get the answers you need faster.

Support Cases

Future Possibilities

In summary, MapR is committed to making deep improvements to your peer-to-peer, self-support, and assisted-support experiences. There are several possibilities that we are pursuing. Natural next steps for the Support Portal are to serve up content from other sources, like MapR Documentation, MapR Community, and, through federated search solutions and unified metadata-taxonomy. For cases created from the Support Portal, we are also looking to automatically improve our first-response with simple solutions of what log-files to identify to refine the problem and provide details. These are deep solutions that enrich the user experience in knowledge access and consumption, which MapR is committed to enabling.

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This blog post was published March 28, 2018.