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Top Stories

MapR Hadoop Customer PanelCustomer Panel: Best Practices for Hadoop in ProductionMapR customers—Cisco, Rubicon Project, Solutionary, and Climate Corporation—talk with Forrester principal analyst Mike Gualtieri about their experience with Hadoop in production using the MapR Distribution for Hadoop. Watch video >Hadoop in 5 minutes or lessKeynote: Hadoop in 5 Minutes or LessJohn Schroeder, MapR CEO and co-founder, talks about interesting use cases for Hadoop at Strata 2014. Watch video >

Customers in the News

How Branched Out and Embraced Scale is dedicated to discovering, preserving, and sharing family histories, and it knows all about the issues of scaling up IT operations to match a growing number of users. The company curates a progressively larger and richer set of data that describes who we are and how we relate, and this causes another set of scalability issues. Read MoreA Peek Inside Cisco's Hadoop Security Machine
The Internet is the ultimate invention of man, a creation that will forever change how humans work, live, and play. But for all the good it's capable of, the Internet has also created a comfortable home for cybercriminals, who use increasingly sophisticated techniques to siphon hundreds billions of dollars from the global economy. Read More

Top Blog Posts

HP Vertica on MapR – Enterprise SQL-on-Hadoop Option for Sophisticated BI Needs
This solution tightly integrates HP Vertica’s high-performance analytic platform directly on the MapR Enterprise-Grade Distribution for Hadoop with no “connectors” required. We want to provide some additional details on this integration and why this is important for customers. Read MoreAdvances in Apache Mahout: Highlights for the 0.9 Release
Scalable machine learning for Apache Hadoop-based systems got a boost recently when the Apache Mahout PMC approved release of the 0.9 version of Mahout. This release is the second in less than a year, and it’s another step toward a stable, mature scalable machine learning library. Read MoreDesign Patterns for Recommendation Systems – Everyone Wants a Pony A recommender system is relatively easy to understand, straightforward to justify (to upper management), and intuitive to design. It provides valuable insights and actionable intelligence on your customers and it has obvious metrics of success; the ROI (Return On Investment, or Return On Innovation) of such big data science initiatives are convenient to measure and track. Read More The MapR Administrator Guide Gets an Extreme Makeover
Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense any more to keep building additions onto your little starter home. It’s time to clean house and start over—time to build something new on the site of the old, salvaging the useful pieces, keeping the firm foundation, and designing a grand new home from the ground up. Read MoreA Serving of Big Data, Family Style
I am not sure about other data scientists’ experiences in trying to explain Big Data and Data Science to family members, but I find that there is a lot of interest coupled with a lot of confusion. That’s not too surprising since there are many experts in the field who are also confounded by the mixed messages, the hype, the uncertain meanings of terminology, and where all of this is going. Read More

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Upcoming Events & Webinars

Webinar: March 25, 2014 Hadoop in the Cloud: Unlocking the Potential of Big Data on AWSEvent: March 18 - 21, 2014 CiscoLive! AustraliaEvent: March 20, 2014 TDWI San Diego Chapter MeetingEvent: March 25 - 26, 2014 Big Data World Show SingaporeEvent: March 31 - April 2, 2014 Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit Las VegasEvent: April 1-2, 2014 Big Data Paris 2014Event: April 2-3, 2014 Hadoop Summit Europe in Amsterdam

This blog post was published March 14, 2014.

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