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Today, a significant number of our customers are deploying the MapR Big Data platform in the cloud. This is not only true for development and test use cases, but also for many more production ones, especially those in the Internet of Everything (IoE) space.

Production use cases imply a need to deploy massively distributed systems and they address a fundamental challenge our customers face: taking production workloads that include tremendous amounts of globally-sourced data that already sits in the cloud, and then performing large-scale analytics on that data to deliver timely insights.

To solve this challenge we believe a global marketplace is needed in the industry. Consequently, we are very excited to announce that we are joining the global Cisco Intercloud Marketplace.

How Our Customers will Benefit from a Global Marketplace

Our customers will benefit from utilizing a global marketplace as it will give them the choice to run our Big Data platform on the best cloud platforms in each region to meet their specific needs.

A global marketplace, by definition, needs to have global deployment capabilities. Our customers access our Big Data platform worldwide, and latency can become an issue if someone is accessing an application running on infrastructure hosted half way across the world. By deploying our Big Data platform on geo-distributed cloud environments, customers will have the choice to move our application physically closer to the users of the software, which would reduce latency and improve their overall experience with our platform.

Global deployment capabilities will also help our customers adhere to local compliance regulations. Our platform can be run on cloud infrastructure in the countries suitable to meet local data sovereignty laws.

In addition, our customers benefit when our platform can be deployed with different cloud vendors. Not only does this capability enable our customers to choose the cloud provider that best meets overall requirements by region, but it also removes the risk of cloud provider vendor lock-in.

Finally, global deployments also imply that our customers have the flexibility to choose which type of cloud infrastructure to run on, whether private, public or hybrid clouds. Therefore, a global marketplace also needs the ability to migrate our application not only to public clouds, but also to the private clouds run by our enterprise customers.

With Cisco Intercloud Marketplace, our customers will gain all of these benefits, while bringing the trusted Cisco brand with them.

How MapR Benefits from Onboarding to Cisco Intercloud Marketplace

Additionally, MapR benefits from deploying with a global marketplace as well. For starters, giving our customers the freedom of choice to run on the best cloud platforms to meet their requirements helps us have more satisfied customers.

Also, our platform runs incredibly well on Cisco UCS and Nexus infrastructure, which underpins the cloud infrastructure utilized by cloud providers who join the Intercloud. This means our customers not only gain the freedom to choose cloud providers, but they’ll also be able to run their deployment on the Cisco rock-solid infrastructure. Again, this leads to even happier customers.

That said, the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace will also bring us global reach on the distribution side of our business, as the tens of thousands of Cisco channel partners will have the incentive to sell listed applications and solutions—including ours. Like other tech companies, the cost of selling worldwide is one of our largest cost items. The Cisco channel represents “feet on the street” with existing enterprise customers who are looking to broaden their portfolio of cloud-based applications. By listing in the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace, it becomes a win-win for both MapR and Cisco’s channel partners.

In summary, the days of running on isolated, single-vendor cloud providers is a thing of the past. With the Internet of Everything producing vast amounts of data sourced from locations all over the world, and our customers worldwide running our platform to produce timely insights from their mountains of data, they need the freedom of choice to run our platform on the cloud infrastructure that best meets their needs. By choosing to deploy MapR via the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace, they soon will.

This blog post was published June 10, 2015.

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