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Oracle announced an Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA) including Hadoop at Oracle OpenWorld this week. Oracle is packaging the Apache code on the BDA appliance. The announcement didn’t include any important 3rd party partnerships or any important innovations for Hadoop.

According to published information, the BDA appliance will likely be a full rack with 18 2U servers, each with 12x2TB, 48GB RAM and 2x6 cores. In addition to Apache Hadoop, it includes a new Oracle NoSQL Database, several Oracle-Hadoop connectors and the R library. This product is not available yet, so the technical details are limited.

From what we’ve seen, customers prefer to buy off-the-shelf servers and configure the software, because this approach results in lower costs and more flexibility. From this view, Hadoop is more like a database than like storage. Storage is typically sold as an integrated appliance where most databases are software only.

Oracle joins a growing list of commercial vendors providing Hadoop-related products and services. Hadoop has grown beyond an Apache project to include EMC, IBM, Oracle and focused Hadoop companies like MapR. Offering organizations a broad and deep set of products and services only fuels Hadoop growth and makes Hadoop an even safer big data platform choice for customers.

While we continue to welcome new Hadoop distributions into the market, MapR remains alone in our approach to provide a differentiated Hadoop distribution that includes deep innovations for performance, ease of use, and dependability advantages. We’re focused on maintaining our technology lead and are continuing to innovate to provide customers real value and a unique choice.

This blog post was published October 05, 2011.

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