Qualcomm and MapR: Accelerating Innovation for the Internet of Everything

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Internet of Everything (IoE) is here today and is rapidly evolving. With the number of connected things estimated to reach 25B by 2020, IoE will unleash a new era of opportunity for both businesses and individuals. At Qualcomm Ventures, the corporate investment arm of Qualcomm Incorporated, we’re excited to be working with the great thinkers and doers in this exciting space. Qualcomm recently invested in MapR because we recognized the potential advantages of its enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution in handling real-time operational analytics today, a key requirement for managing the tremendous amount of rich data generated by the IoE ecosystem.

So what is the Internet of Everything? It’s about the seamless network of devices, objects, places and people. It’s about the unprecedented connectedness that will increasingly impact and improve our lives. Internet of Everything leverages machine to machine (M2M) connectivity, but goes beyond this by bringing people, data and things together, resulting in richer interactions, increased innovation, and greater economic opportunity.

Let’s take a look at what’s driving the Internet of Everything:

  • The proliferation of sensors – both inside mobile devices and constantly interacting with those devices. Currently, a lot of big data that’s generated is coming from social networks. But going forward, you’ll see an influx of big data coming from mobile devices, as well as many other everyday connected objects in your home and workplace. Companies are now able to embed sophisticated technologies in sensors much more cheaply than before, and this proliferation of sensors is revolutionizing the user experience. In addition, IOE enables brands to have much closer contact with the customer; the sale of a product is just the beginning of the customer/brand relationship, resulting in improved customer engagement.
  • The Internet of Everything is generating a vast amount of data, forcing enterprises to rethink their data infrastructure. Big data generated on IoE is an order of magnitude bigger than what is generated on mobile devices. Since Internet-connected devices can sense their environment and collect behavior data, they become an entirely new group of data collection devices. These devices can always be on, always connected, always sending data. The close-range, large bandwidth, pervasive networks work seamlessly in the background.

A lot of manufacturers in the IoE space don’t realize how much data they will be generating in the near future. To support this deluge of data, enterprises will need to modify their existing data infrastructures to be able to process IoE data at scale and in real time, as the traditional way of storing and processing data via traditional DBMSs will not be adequate. We believe the MapR Distribution, including Hadoop, can handle this wave of data, and that’s why we decided to invest in MapR as part of our overall IoE strategy.

This is just the start of how the Internet of Everything is changing the way we do business and live our lives. At Qualcomm, we refer to this as the Digital Sixth Sense. We believe that when devices, places and people are intelligently connected, the impact on daily life can be profound. From our wide range of IoE solutions to our investment in MapR, we’re excited to advance the brave new world of IoE.

This blog post was published September 11, 2014.

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