Reading between the lines: Job postings show high demand for Hadoop and NoSQL talent

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Demand for both Apache Hadoop and NoSQL is extremely strong and this can mean only one thing: companies are hiring, and there is stiff competition for employees with experience in these technologies. This was brought home last month in an article in Data Informed and the numbers have only gone up since that time. shows growth of 150,000 percent in Hadoop job postings:

Hadoop Job Trends Hadoop jobs
NoSQL jobs are growing at a little more than half that rate, hitting an 85,000 percent growth in September 2012, which has since cooled down to about 70,000 %:Nosql Job Trends graph

Nosql Job Trends Nosql jobs

When we last checked Indeed, the total number of Hadoop jobs listed was around 6,000; NoSQL lags slightly at over 4,000. Job listings for data scientists, arguably the hottest job title overall, are approaching 9,000 on Indeed.

And these numbers are not isolated. Dice reports similar job trends and technology research organization Wikibon states that Hadoop and NoSQL software and services are the fastest growing subset of the market for big data analytics, software and services.

And this is a great job trend for us here at MapR. Demand for enterprise-grade Hadoop solutions are on the rise – and we’re one step ahead of this demand by perfecting these solutions for you already.

With such an increased demand, we realize that it’s going to be difficult to hire quality Hadoop and NoSQL developers. The good thing about using MapR’s technology is that we’ve invested many man-years making Hadoop easier to use and administer. Through the support of industry standard APIs and protocols such as NFS, you don’t need to train all your personnel on the inner workings of Hadoop. Anyone that can use a file browser can access data in MapR. This is a huge difference compared with other distributions. The same is true from the administrative aspect; MapR offers self-healing, automation and ease of integration with other applications. The MapR management tools make it much easier for organizations to be successful with Hadoop deployments without sending people to a week-long boot camp.

This blog post was published April 26, 2013.

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