Reference Architecture for SAP HANA Vora on MapR with Lenovo

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MapR and SAP share a common vision about making big data analytics enterprise ready, both at the platform and compute engine layer. MapR recently announced support for SAP HANA Vora 1.3, which offers a single in-memory compute solution that delivers insights across a variety of data types, including JSON, time-series, graph, and relational.

As further proof of the momentum around this solution, the announcement on January 31, 2017 of the joint solution and reference architecture for MapR and SAP HANA Vora is very exciting. This has been developed in tight partnership with SAP Japan, Lenovo Japan, MapR Japan, and CTC, their joint reseller and SI partner for the Japanese market. The joint solution utilizes Lenovo System x hardware for MapR and SAP HANA Vora. The reference architecture tested is Lenovo System x3650 M5 for HANA Vora running on MapR and Lenovo System x3850 X6 for SAP HANA as shown below. The reference architecture is documented as a whitepaper.

Components of the Solution

Customers benefit from this partnership since it’s a complete turnkey solution that includes tested hardware and software for all their big data analytic needs. The specifics of MapR on Lenovo System x Solution for SAP HANA Vora are listed below:

CPU Xeon E5-2630v4, 2.2GHz x 2
Memory 192 GB
Disk OS: 120GB x 2, Data: 4TB x 12
Network 10Gbps x 2

As the points of configuration are well documented, customers can get advice to modify this template for their real needs.

The software components of the solution include the following:

  1. SAP HANA Vora 1.3 with the in-memory compute engine
  2. MapR Data Platform 5.2
  3. SAP Business Objects Lumira

Customers can take advantage of the fact that this joint solution is a best practice reference architecture and has been tested. In short, customers can avoid testing and shorten project schedules. At its core, SAP HANA Vora running on MapR enables you to:

  1. Analyze Hadoop data and HANA data without having to move data
  2. Run SQL on Hadoop and include HANA data
  3. Run applications on HANA that include Hadoop data

Customers and Use Cases

A large high-tech company is enhancing their sales and marketing efficiency using Vora on MapR. In this scenario, their revenue and transaction data is stored in SAP HANA, with clickstream data being stored in the MapR Data Platform. They are using Vora to analyze data from both of these sources, improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, and achieve better targeting to upsell and cross-sell customers. This solution is helping drive top-line revenue for them.

For more information on SAP HANA Vora and MapR, please check out this technical brief.

This blog post was published March 01, 2017.

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