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The newly launched Developer Central is a place just for the developer community. Full of code samples and best practices, Developer Central will help you get started on Hadoop and manage your clusters efficiently. The three core content areas of Developer Central are Code, Architecture and Resources.

The Code section has many samples, including Using Hive and Pig on Baseball Statistics, Immediate MapReduce on Continuously Ingested Data, and Stabilizing HBase Clusters. In addition to sample code, there are several helpful topics, including best practices for getting started with Hadoop, and efficient cluster management.

Building a well-designed, reliable and functional big data application that caters to a variety of end-user latency requirements can be an extremely challenging proposition. It can be daunting enough just to keep up with the rapid pace of technology innovation happening in this space, let alone building applications that work for the problem at hand. “Start slow and build one application at a time” is perhaps the most common advice given to beginners today. However, there are certain high-level architectural constructs that can help you mentally visualize how different types of applications fit into the big data architecture and how some of these technologies are transforming the existing enterprise software landscape.

Featured in the Architecture section is the Lambda Architecture.

The third section is Tech Resources, which includes technical resources relating to our distribution of Apache Hadoop. Included are links to tech briefs, blogs, documentation and community resources, as well as a list of upcoming events, webinars, videos and other popular content to help you on your road to leveraging big data.

At MapR, we view Developer Central as a resource for the community. As such, your input and suggestions for useful topics are both appreciated and desired. So join in, and become a part of Developer Central, which is located at

You can reach me directly at and help drive the direction for Developer Central.

This blog post was published April 15, 2014.

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