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MapR is glad to partner with SAP and we are excited to see them bring lead-edge innovations to the market. We are thrilled today to talk about a new offering from SAP that along with the MapR data platform to help you better serve your customers and simplify how your business works. SAP HANA Vora will help address the challenges of digitally transforming your business.

SAP HANA Vora Simplifies Ownership of Big Data

As you know, there are lots of complexities and technical hurdles to overcome when it comes to leveraging highly distributed big data landscapes. You most likely are dealing with a lack of coherence across enterprise apps, analytics and big data sources, and that can be a big challenge to overcome. Thankfully, SAP HANA Vora and the MapR data platform addresses this issue by providing powerful context-aware analytical apps that can tap your massively distributed big data environment on Hadoop.

SAP HANA Vora is a powerful in-memory query engine that plugs into Apache Spark or Hadoop to provide enriched interactive analytics. By simplifying ownership of big data, and vastly improving analytics from democratized data access, SAP HANA Vora makes it possible for you to perform precise, context-aware decision-making.

Specifically, SAP HANA Vora along with the MapR data platform give you the ability to:

  • Make your data stores available to a wide range of users across your organization (including app developers, DBAs, analysts, data scientists, and more)
  • Deliver full 360 degree customer service by analyzing unstructured consumer data
  • Produce targeted marketing campaigns with tracking of online user interactions with social as well as business networks
  • Mitigate risk and fraud by analyzing anomalies in financial trading data through real-time monitoring
  • Perform advanced, predictive analytics across all departments for monitoring and planning
  • Lower the cost of keeping archived data highly accessible
  • Have the flexibility to run SAP HANA Vora as a stand in conjunction with SAP HANA, bringing in business data to enable better decision making through greater context

So, how might this look in your infrastructure today? Let’s take the use case of the 360 view of the customer. Let’s say a retailer is collecting Twitter and Facebook data regarding comments about the company and products. However, they are not really doing anything with this data (happens more than you’d think). They really believe there might be some nuggets of valuable information within the social media data they are collecting, but they just don’t have the tools to get to that insight. In this example, the retailer could use the MapR data platform and SAP could be used to predict customer churn.

Let’s say a longtime customer has had a negative experience with the company, and has taken to social media to voice his displeasure. Looking at the data that they analyze today, which doesn’t include social media in our little scenario, the retailer would have no clue they were about to lose this guy as a customer. This retailer could use Apache Drill for that first-level of data exploration on their social media data. Drill would help them to put some schema around this unstructured data and pull out some level of detail from the mass of data that they have. Drill could help them dig down and find some of the key words, faults in process, or product issues that customers have been complaining about. SAP HANA Vora could then use that data for further analysis with the MapR data platform. Ultimately, the data could end up in SAP HANA for real-time analysis and action.

The graphic below gives a visual of what the architecture for something like this might look like.

MapR, Drill and SAP HANA Vora

Together with SAP, we look forward to continuing to bring you powerful solutions for solving your big data challenges and shortening your data-to-action cycle. Interested in learning more? Please contact us at

This blog post was published September 10, 2015.

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