SQL on Hadoop Demo Video: Using Apache Drill with MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop

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The folks over at MicroStrategy have an excellent analytics tool, MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop, that provides fast, powerful analytics on all kinds of data. There are a lot of killer visualizations that let you get the most from all the data you can find. To get you up and running quickly, the MicroStrategy team has a series of tutorials online that make it easy to get started.

The art of making killer dashboards, visualizations and meeting-stopper charts requires access to a broad range of data sets, from customer transactions, log files, public data sets, and other proprietary data generated by the enterprise. But… what if the customer data you need is in another business unit and they don’t have the time to help you figure out what columns or schema you will need? What if some of the data is stored in a collection of JSON files and you have only a high-level idea what attributes are present or which ones will help you deliver a crisp, clear argument in a chart?

This is where Apache Drill is the best tool for the job. With a few short steps, you can explore data stored in Hive, JSON, CSV and other formats without doing any transformations, applying a schema, or doing loads into a database. If you or your team has SQL expertise, you will especially like using Drill with MicroStrategy, as you can run SQL queries and joins across data stored in multiple databases and/or files.

Ready to see it in action? Check out our new below that walks you through the process and an example business scenario:

For getting started in your own environment, we have technical resources that show you how to connect Drill to data sources and for downloading the components you need to run an end-to-end configuration. Start with the MapR Drill page, which has instructions for installing Drill on MapR, or Apache Drill in 10 Minutes for a quick tutorial.

This blog post was published December 04, 2014.

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