Talkin’ ‘Bout a Big and Fast Data Revolution: Strata + Hadoop World 2015 Recap

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The recent Strata + Hadoop World 2015 conference held in San Jose was bristling with excitement—not only about the latest Apache Hadoop technologies, but also about how companies are using Hadoop in new and innovative ways. In the early days of Strata conferences, it was all about, “What is Hadoop? How can I use it? Where do I start?” This year, the focus has shifted to learning about how to leverage Hadoop within a broader context. Attendees had more specific questions about the core capabilities of Hadoop, such as, “How can I meet SLA’s? How can I run multiple applications? How do I move into real-time data access across data centers?”

If you missed the conference, here are a few key takeaways and notable announcements:

  • Companies are rethinking how they are using data, and how they organize around data. The companies that are making a significant impact are blending their production and operations data feeds with analytics, and are able to impact their business as it happens.

  • We unveiled Project Myriad, a collaboration between MapR and Mesosphere, a powerful new resource management framework that allows Apache YARN jobs to run alongside other applications and services in enterprise and cloud datacenters, in a very flexible, elastic environment.

  • Quick Start Solutions was announced at Strata, which is our powerful package of services, software and training/certification to help you jump-start your deployments of enterprise data hub, security and marketing applications.

  • We highlighted Apache Drill and the latest advancements in self-service. Customers now have the ability to immediately query complex data in native formats, such as schema-less data, nested data, and data with rapidly-evolving schemas, with having to involve the IT staff first.

  • Security was an important issue for Strata + Hadoop attendees. Attendees learned that MapR provides a unified platform that has wire-level authentication with Kerberos or the option of native authentication, as well as fine-grained access control.

MapR Speaker Roundup

Strata attendees also learned that to get value out of today’s big and fast data, you need to evolve beyond traditional analytic cycles. Anil Gadre, SVP of Product Management at MapR, made this point a focus of his Strata keynote, titled “Impacting Business as it Happens.” Anil discussed the importance of taking a data-centric approach to infrastructure in order to provide flexible, real-time data access—in essence, shortening the data-to-action cycle.

MapR Chief Application Architect Ted Dunning, along with Ellen Friedman, gave a talk on Real World Use Cases: Hadoop and NoSQL in Production, based on their newest book from O’Relly which you can download. They outlined what a number of groups are doing with Apache Hadoop and NoSQL in production. In addition, Ted described the differences between YARN and MESOS and how they can work together in his talk, “YARN vs. MESOS: Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Jim Scott, Director of Enterprise Strategy and Architecture at MapR, gave a talk titled “Stream Processing Everywhere – What to Use?” where he compared three popular Apache projects for stream processing: Apache Storm, Apache Spark and Apache Samza.

Jacques Nadeau, who leads Apache Drill development efforts and is at MapR, gave a deep technical talk titled “Drill into Drill: How Providing Flexibility and Performance is Possible”, outlining how Drill can achieve lightning fast performance and provide ground-breaking flexibility and ease of use.

Yuliya Feldman showcased how new advances in YARN and Mesos provide the ability to truly run multiple distinct workloads together, in her talk, “Maintaining Low Latency While Maximizing Throughput on a Single Cluster.”

Genomics takes first place among the many science fields that can benefit from Hadoop, as MapR Principal Data Scientists Allen Day and Sungwook Yoon outlined in their talk, “Hadoop as a Platform for Genomics.”

Thanks to everyone who attended Strata + Hadoop World 2015. We’re looking forward to talking more about our technological advancements at future conferences, so be sure to check our events page to find out when we’ll be in your area.

This blog post was published February 27, 2015.

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