Tomer Shiran Featured on Big Data & Brews

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Tomer Shiran, Vice President of Product Management for MapR, was featured recently on Big Data & Brews, a weekly video blog program hosted by Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupf, featuring thought leaders discussing topics of interest in the big data world.

Big Data & Brews Part One: Tomer Shiran of MapR Talks about Where the Company is Now and Where It's Headed

In part one of Big Data & Brews, Tomer discussed MapR with Stefan while sharing Israeli Goldstar beer, pita bread and hummus. A few key points from this program include:

  • MapR has grown substantially as a company, with over 500 paying customers and offices in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia and India.
  • One of the largest MapR deployments is a financial services company that deploys MapR on over 1,000 nodes.
  • An interesting use case is the Aadhaar project in India. Aadhaar is a unique 12- digit number issued by the government as proof of identity and residence in India. They are using MapR and Hadoop to build the world’s largest biometric database, which can verify a person’s identity within 200 milliseconds.
  • Customers are using MapR to expand Hadoop into more operational use cases. They choose MapR due to its enterprise-grade features: true HA, self-healing, consistent snapshots, and disaster recovery across data centers.

Big Data & Brews Part Two: A Breakdown of MapR's Technology

In part two of Big Data & Brews, Tomer goes into greater detail about the technology behind MapR, its many architectural advantages, and how MapR is helping drive innovation.

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This blog post was published March 20, 2014.