MapR Named One of the Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Providers for 2016 by Banking CIO Outlook Magazine

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MapR was recently named one of the Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Providers for 2016 by Banking CIO Outlook magazine. We are honored to have been selected by a judging panel of banking industry experts and editorial board members who voted for companies that have the ability to develop innovative analytics technologies and methodologies that improve the way financial institutions do business.

Financial services firms around the world are experiencing drastic change. One of the most notable transformations underway is the digitalization of the bank; the world of big data and analytics has disrupted how financial services CXOs (CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, etc.) are turning to big data technologies to drive changing business strategies. Financials are using big data solutions to refine their operating models, governance, data management, and technology architecture.

Buyers of analytic solutions in this industry are now moving from experimentation to operational big data deployments, which is no small task. At the same time, banking CXOs are becoming more involved in the strategic direction of their firms, deciding on what technologies to pursue and how to extract value from their big data investments. These CXOs recognize the growing need to have a measurable ROI linked to top business priorities. As a result, the solutions that have shifted to the forefront to meet this change, as evidenced in the ranking, are those that have demonstrable differences in the market, such as MapR.

Some of the key tenants of our data platform enable the flexibility and agility that those in the banking industry require. Yes, MapR provides a converged platform that delivers enterprise-grade security, reliability, and real-time performance while dramatically lowering both hardware and operational costs, but we also power the digital banking industry in much broader ways by providing the following:

  • Real-time, multi-channel client intelligence: Competitive, economic, and regulatory forces are driving banks to change their traditional business models, particularly in terms of understanding their customer relationships. The MapR Data Platform features a big data-scale streaming system that makes real-time data directly available for processing, enabling banks to offer the right offer to retail banking customers at the right time.
  • Rapid creation of new data-driven services: Data-driven services and applications are helping to form the front-end links between the end user and the data platforms. The MapR Data Platform features an architecture designed specifically for rapid, business-critical application development.
  • Global risk & regulatory data hub: Risk and regulatory data management are at the top of the list of big data priorities in the banking industry. MapR enables organizations to perform real-time analysis on an unlimited amount of data of any type. Security teams can widen the scale and accelerate the speed of threat analysis, and improve risk assessment by building machine learning models.
  • Enhanced core banking operations analytics: Today’s core banking platforms need to be able to support the data requirements that arise from analytics implementations. The MapR Platform enables organizations to integrate data across multiple locations and blend multiple streams together in order to make informed decisions.

We are honored to be named one of the Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Providers of 2016, and we’re in good company! In fact, we partner with several companies on this list in order to provide comprehensive, customized banking solutions, including Actian, EXL, Logi Analytics, and Tableau.

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This blog post was published April 27, 2016.

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