Top 10 Most Popular MapR Blog Posts of 2015

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As we look back at 2015, the most popular blogs on our site are a good reflection of the 2015 trends and developments in the big data space. Our top posts included topics such as using Apache Spark DataFrames with Scala, real-time analysis with Apache Hadoop, best practices for YARN resource management, an in-depth look at the HBase architecture, how to write a MapReduce program, a discussion of Apache Spark vs. MapReduce, and several hands-on technical tutorials.

1) The 5-Minute Guide to Understanding the Significance of Apache Spark

By Nitin Bandugula

Discover the differences between Spark and MapReduce, why it’s easier to develop on Spark, and the top five use cases.

2) Best Practices for YARN Resource Management

By Hao Zhu

Learn about best practices for YARN resource management. Topics include how the warden calculates and allocates resources to YARN, minimum/maximum allocation units, resource requests, bottleneck resources, and how the virtual/physical memory checker works.

3) Using Apache Spark DataFrames for Processing of Tabular Data

By Carol McDonald

Get started using Apache Spark DataFrames with Scala on the MapR Sandbox. You’ll learn how to load data into Spark DataFrames and explore data with Spark SQL.

4) How to Use SQL, Hadoop, Drill, REST, JSON, NoSQL, and HBase in a Simple REST Client

By Carol McDonald

Understand how to combine SQL, Hadoop, Drill, and REST with JSON, NoSQL, and HBase by using the Drill REST API to query HBase and Hive.

5) Spark Streaming with HBase

By Carol McDonald

Learn how to get started using Apache Spark Streaming with HBase on the MapR Sandbox with this handy tutorial.

6) Real-Time Analysis with Apache Hadoop

By Jim Scott

While the Hadoop platform introduced reliable distributed storage and processing, various packages such as Spark on top of Hadoop make it possible to build applications and analyze data much faster. Interesting ways the Hadoop stack is being used right now are discussed.

7) Apache Spark vs. MapReduce – Whiteboard Walkthrough

By Anoop Dawar

Learn the basics of Apache Spark and how it is different from MapReduce in this Whiteboard Walkthrough video.

8) How to Write a MapReduce Program

By James Casaletto

Get the details on how data is transformed as it executes in the MapReduce framework, how to design and implement the Mapper, Reducer, and Driver classes, and how to execute the MapReduce program.

9) Apache Mesos vs. Hadoop YARN – Whiteboard Walkthrough

By Jim Scott

In this video, you’ll hear the differences between Apache Mesos and YARN, and why one may or may not be better in global resource management than the other.

10) An In-Depth Look at the HBase Architecture

By Carol McDonald

Get an in-depth look at the HBase architecture and its main benefits over NoSQL data store solutions.

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This blog post was published January 14, 2016.

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