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### Click to see the World's Data Counter in Action. The amount of data that is constantly flooding in from multiple channels is mind-boggling. We live in a world that’s teeming with data: from customer data to enterprise data to historical data, a massive amount of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data is being created on a daily basis.

Eighty percent of the world’s data is unstructured, and most businesses aren’t using this data to their advantage. Traditional methods for storing data, such as relational databases, were fine for certain types of workloads. But in terms of processing today’s data streams, businesses are turning to Apache Hadoop as the go-to framework for storing and processing Big Data.

Traditional database silos can’t handle the sheer amount of unstructured data that’s pouring in. As the infographic illustrates, the small pipes that symbolize traditional data storage and processing are overwhelmed; they’re “leaking” and simply can’t handle the massive amounts of data.

Imagine if you could keep all of the data generated by your business, and had a way to analyze that data? The large pipe in the infographic represents the MapR Distribution for Hadoop. Instead of relying on expensive databases to process all this data, the MapR Big Data Platform lets you deploy Hadoop and NoSQL capabilities together on one easy, dependable and fast platform.

Don’t get caught in the flood of Big Data. MapR Enterprise Hadoop makes it easy for you to:

Scale to Extreme Limits – MapR provides the capability to scale to a trillion files and database tables on thousands of nodes along with the advantage of loading and accessing data using standard interfaces.

Run Mission Critical Applications– Run mission critical applications at 99.999% availability. Run Hadoop in a lights out data center with self-healing of all critical services, data protection, disaster recovery, rolling upgrades and instant node recovery.

Get 24/7 Support and No Vendor Lock-In – MapR supports industry standard APIs, as well as binary compatibility with Apache to port data in and out of the distribution without any code changes or lock-ins. Our support staff is available 24/7 to meet your needs.

Benefit from a Broader Set of Use Cases– Perform any Hadoop operation, from offline batch analytics to real time analytics or light weight OLTP transactions. Run a wide variety of workloads on a single cluster using data placement control and support for heterogeneous hardware.

Get Easy BI and Data Warehouse Integration - Leverage industry standard APIs such as NFS and ODBC to connect different data sources seamlessly. Create new business intelligence workflows that include Hadoop while continuing to use existing scripts and applications.

Achieve a Higher ROI - Run your cluster at 2-5 times better performance than other distributions. Better hardware utilization = greater ROI.

Use Our Tested and Proven Cloud Deployment - Deploy Hadoop in the cloud or in a hybrid-cloud setup with industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

This blog post was published September 04, 2013.

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