Waterline Data Brings AI Based Data Catalog to MapR

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To compete in today's Data Economy, organizations need to convert their data into actionable intelligence immediately, accurately and in compliance with governmental and internal policies and regulations. Instead, most organizations are drowning in data that they can't act on. Why? Because without a data catalog, they don't even know what data they have. Analysts are not only unable to find data, frequently they can't even gain access to it until someone checks on whether it contains anything sensitive.

That's why some of the world's largest global enterprises are turning to Waterline Data. With Waterline Data's AI and machine learning based data catalog, organizations are able to achieve two critical functions: 1) automatically assess and tag data with everyday business terms that virtually anyone within the organization can use to find the information they need, and 2) drive data governance policies for data such as data access, data quality and data masking. This is how GlaxoSmithKline is able to gain new insights from mountains of data for faster drug development. This is what allows Nordea to achieve GDPR compliance while benefiting from 10X the cost savings for each terabyte of data. This is the driving force behind the many millions of dollars in cost cutting one global food and beverage company enjoyed after using Waterline Data to enable predictive analytics that helped streamline their just in time inventory from six to two days.

To deliver this unique value specifically to organizations leveraging MapR's data platform for AI and analytics, Waterline Data and MapR today announced immediate availability of the Waterline Data Catalog for MapR customers. Organizations looking to extend the power of their modern big data architecture can now automate the process of discovering, classifying and governing their data at scale and without compromising security.

Why is this so critical? Because it's do or die time for the petabyte organization. It doesn't matter how much data you have if it cannot be used to make decisions, and it cannot be used if it cannot be found, understood or used in a governed and compliant manner. With the Waterline Data Catalog for MapR, organizations can tap into the power of artificial intelligence to bypass the costly and time consuming manual processes that are preventing organizations from getting a handle on their data so they can engage in true data-driven decision making and innovation. By ensuring data is accurately identified and efficiently managed throughout the enterprise data lifecycle, the combined Waterline Data and MapR offering allows businesses to work with data quality, integrity, and trustworthiness assured.

This isn't just a nice-to-have. It's an absolute requirement. The age of AI is now upon us. MapR's data platform does an amazing job helping organizations deliver a modern data fabric that gives them the competitive edge they need to sense their markets, respond to customers, head off cyberthreats and optimize operations faster than anyone else. But these organizations can only move as quickly as their data allows them to. Any delay in the classification of data--even as it comes in--not only neutralizes the timeliness of a critical business decision, it damages the value of any data-driven solution or service. Meanwhile, for the data to be useful, it must be properly managed. Because decisions are being made against this data, creating and maintaining trust in the data quality is essential for data governance success. For the big data opportunity to work, there is a fundamental need for data that is:

  • Automatically and accurately documented
  • High quality
  • Searchable via everyday business terms
  • Available for self-serve access to anyone in the organization who has permission to do so

The availability of Waterline Data's Smart Data Catalog for MapR is a big industry-first. Other big data cataloging and governance solutions only offer a subset of the technologies needed for true enterprise-wide governance and use of an organization's data. Organizations relying on these offerings are forging ahead (or think they are) with only fragmented views of their intelligence. It's akin to flying a plane through fog with only a fraction of your navigation instruments in working order. The Waterline Data Catalog for MapR on the other hand provides full visibility into an organization's data, using a full set of technologies supporting platform-based:

Choosing the right technology to align with your organization's goals is essential in establishing a holistic data management program. The Waterline Data Catalog for MapR is a powerful combined solution with MapR's out-of-the-box protection scheme designed to maintain a strong line of defense in data security and Waterline Data Catalog's artificial intelligence based data catalog and governance technology. The combined solution can be tailored to your organizational data transformation and data lineage requirements. It is available exclusively through MapR.

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This blog post was published September 12, 2018.

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