Ingenico Chooses MapR to Enable Digital Transformation Supporting Billions of Electronic Payments

A global leader in seamless payments deploys MapR to provide a single unified data platform to support its globally expanding business.

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The Business

Ingenico Group has led the payment industry for more than 30 years to become the global leader in seamless payment. They provide smart, trusted, and secure solutions to empower commerce across all channels: in-store, online, and mobile. Today, Ingenico's worldwide presence includes 25 R&D centers working alongside over one thousand financial institutions, deploying 30 million payment terminals – together generating revenue of €2.51 billion in 2017.


Market Transformation

As part of the trend toward consolidation within the payment processing sector, Ingenico is expanding its presence internationally through several acquisitions, including TechProcess, Bambora, Paymark, Airlink, and IECISA. The enlarged group needed to integrate and consolidate multiple data systems into a single platform to serve as the foundational data layer for its payment processing systems, which handle 5.1 billion transactions across over 300 payment types in 170 countries.

"Consolidation is happening all the time in the payments world. To survive and grow, Ingenico must stay on the cusp of technology and innovation by using solutions that allow us to remain focused on our core payment business."

-Frédéric Delhalle Ingenico Retail Director of Strategy and Architecture


Single Point of Control

With valuable data and assets dispersed, Ingenico needed an economical way to consolidate its multiple data silos in a single platform to create better data synergies for its critical real-time workflows while reducing operational risks. Ingenico selected MapR as its new globally deployed data platform to help migrate and unify its data stores into a single platform, which is critical for tasks such as fraud control and client analytics. MapR is also pivotal in allowing Ingenico to streamline datasets that had previously been dispersed and expensive to curate. This transformation has provided a single point of control for data and has been a vital feature for regulatory oversight including recent GDPR compliance procedures.

As Frederic Delhalle, Ingenico Retail's Director of Strategy and Architecture, explains,

"I joined Ingenico to assist the firm with its digital transformation. It would be simply unthinkable these days to start doing that without implementing a future-proof, flexible, and robust data platform delivering not just storage capacity, but also the means to leverage all the data generated by Ingenico worldwide in real time. Today, the MapR platform gives us a genuine advantage over our competitors, creating the right conditions for external growth and offering new business opportunities."

Technology Advantages

Delhalle highlights the MapR solution's flexible approach in addressing Ingenico's business requirements. MapR does this through its wide-ranging compatibility with critical data sources and standards-based open-source technology plus decisive technology advantages, including:

  • Built-in and seamless data mirroring delivering high availability functionality
  • A federated approach to data accessibility that is key to meeting country-specific data security and privacy regulations
  • A global namespace that easily segregates country-specific data while also allowing a centralized overview and management of all datasets
  • Reduction in the number of technology layers, which alleviated JAVA and HDFS-related issues
  • The ease of deployment and industrial scale extensibility enabling the decommissioning of several massively parallel processing (MPP) solutions to reduce operational complexity and associated costs

Delhalle explains,

"Ingenico's main need is to ensure reliable and timely payment processing procedures with the ability to create industrial scale solutions for our customers. These considerations are inherent to Ingenico's business, so we needed to enlist a partner that could offer the required level of flexibility while handling a huge volume of transactions,"

The MapR offering has no single point of failure, providing the high availability and stability required to deal with Ingenico's data processing systems. These features are crucial in terms of both security and business process, and Delhalle believes the migration has resulted in the IT team spending less time maintaining platform stability or dealing with anomalies.

The Results - Integrated Infrastructure

Ingenico's deployment of the MapR Data Platform has proven beneficial in integrating its infrastructure with systems used by partners such as Google, Facebook, and Criteo while increasing automation through a more DevOps approach to infrastructure deployment.

The MapR platform has allowed Ingenico to start decommissioning several MPP solutions, thus simplifying data use while reducing operational complexity and associated costs.

In Delhalle's view, MapR is enabling Ingenico to better organize its datasets – a vital task given the company's international growth and expansion. Amid a raft of changes brought about by digital transformation, new regulatory standards, and business goals, Delhalle believes it is essential to work with a company with expertise in data to address Ingenico's need to bring a large volume of data together in a flexible way.

"This data simplification has allowed us to shift the focus from platform capacity to business and functional goals. MapR empowers us to implement the changes we've been eager to make. In business today, as they say, vision without execution is just an illusion."

-Frédéric Delhalle Ingenico Retail Director of Strategy and Architecture