Ab Initio’s Co>Operating System is Now Certified on MapR Converged Data Platform

August 17, 2017

New partnership to drive performance and value in mission-critical enterprise applications

San Jose, Calif.- August 17, 2017 -- MapR Technologies, Inc.,provider of the Converged Data Platform that fully integrates analytics with operational processes in real time, announced today that Ab Initio has certified its software system on the MapR Converged Data Platform and has also joined the MapR Converge Partners Program. The integrated MapR and Ab Initio offering enables joint customers to leverage the economies of scale-out architectures of commodity server clusters for high-performance mission-critical applications with strict data lineage and governance requirements, that are especially important in industries such as financial services.

The Ab Initio Co>Operating System is a high-performance application platform that is known to integrate seamlessly with a significant number of legacy and next-gen technologies with enterprise-grade performance and robustness. Ab Initio applications can now benefit from the speed, scale, and reliability of running on the MapR Converged Data Platform. Joint customers will also receive access to high-quality professional services from both Ab Initio and MapR.

“Our joint customers immediately recognize that Ab Initio and MapR share a set of core values, including a respect for the enterprise and a commitment to supporting intelligent applications with the enterprise-grade features that all mature organizations should expect from their software platforms,” said Crystal Valentine, vice president, technology strategy, MapR Technologies. “Both companies provide platforms that incorporate proprietary advancements which have been proven in many mission-critical customer environments.”

Because it is certified on the MapR Converged Data Platform, Ab Initio applications will benefit from real-time access to large, distributed data, thus eliminating the I/O bottleneck of traditional network-attached storage solutions and parallel file systems. Moreover, MapR snapshots, mirroring, and real-time data access capabilities complement the robust Ab Initio compute engine with support for checkpoints, rollback, and disaster recovery. For data in MapR, lineage information and metadata can be managed and analyzed in the Ab Initio Metadata Hub. The combined offering from MapR and Ab Initio enables companies to benefit dramatically from high performance, high ROI, low risk, rapid development cycles, and one consistent framework for enterprise-wide data processing while also leveraging scale-out server clusters and other modern infrastructures.

“Running Ab Initio applications on the MapR Platform dramatically improves our time-to-value by simplifying the application architecture and therefore shortening development time,” said Kristian Desch, vice president, global technology, TransUnion. “We value the enterprise-grade capabilities provided by both vendors, which are essential for real-time mission-critical applications running at scale in production.”

About the MapR Converge Partners Program The MapR Converge Partners program focuses on nurturing alliances worldwide with select consultancies, platform and software providers, resellers, and distributors. Benefits of this program include world-class enablement and strategic support with marketing and sales alignment for maximum joint ROI.

About Ab Initio
Ab Initio Software, headquartered in Lexington, MA, provides software that can dramatically benefit companies looking for high return on investment, low risk, rapid development cycles, and one consistent framework for enterprise-wide data processing. Ab Initio’s fully integrated graphical development model is the product of over twenty years of continuous refinement. Ab Initio makes it possible to build applications in a fraction of the time required for traditional software development, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. Ab Initio’s complete solution for reading, writing, processing, and querying big data provides massive scalability, an intuitive graphical platform, the ability to access data located throughout the enterprise, and a completely integrated product suite. To learn more about Ab Initio, please visit our website at www.abinitio.com or email us at solutions@abinitio.com.


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