Altitude Digital Selects MapR as its Big Data Platform for Real-Time Video Advertising Solutions

July 07, 2015

Nearly seven billion transactions per day are stored, processed and leveraged to make smarter decisions using MapR

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced that Altitude Digital, one of the fastest growing video advertising marketplaces, chose MapR as the big data platform to run its business. With nearly seven billion transactions per day, Altitude Digital selects in real time the best video advertisement to play at the right time for the right person. The MapR platform provides Altitude Digital with a centralized data repository based on the MapR Database NoSQL database that serves multiple departments, driving efficiency and competitive advantage.

Altitude Digital optimizes and streamlines the connection between buyers and sellers of online video and mobile advertising by providing data-driven insights on daily consumer transactions. “Every event helps us make a more intelligent decision about what advertisement we will deliver for what person, and what will make the most money for the publisher while maintaining return on investment for the advertiser,” explained Manny Puentes, CTO, Altitude Digital. “Our goal is to present the most compelling video ad in real time for every video player in the world. That’s a big challenge.”

Since MapR enables Altitude Digital to house all of the data in one place, data is managed holistically instead of in departmental silos. Operations, support, sales, and product use the data repository to solve their business-related objectives. “MapR-DB NoSQL database table replication is a powerful feature that enables real-time, bi-directional updates across data centers at scale. We use table replication for discovery and real-time notifications, giving our business a competitive advantage,” said Puentes. “MapR continues to deliver innovative enterprise solutions that just work.”

With MapR in place, Altitude Digital can focus on developing the solutions that will differentiate their business. Rather than spending time building its big data infrastructure, the company has its developers focusing on building business optimization strategies that will deliver the right advertising solutions.

Another benefit from the MapR Distribution is its standards-based architecture, including built-in NFS support. Without the need to hire specialized talent to manage a big data platform, Altitude Digital is able to rely on its existing resources to maintain volumes of data processed through the sophisticated advertising system.

“MapR provides Altitude Digital with a superior data platform, offering both innovative solutions and reliable support,” said Jack Norris, CMO, MapR Technologies. “Altitude Digital can cost-effectively provide real-time video services to customers and focus on continuously growing and developing new business solutions. We are pleased to share in their success.”

About Altitude Digital

Altitude Digital delivers powerful video and mobile advertising technology and actionable big data to online publishers to help them expand their ad inventory, increase the value of their advertising and grow their revenue. Altitude’s ARENATM Video SSP delivers greater insight, control and performance for publishers. The company is one of the fastest growing video advertising marketplaces and is listed as one of the 10 largest video platforms by both comScore and Quantcast. Altitude Digital is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in New York and San Francisco. To learn more visit


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