ESG Lab Validates IOT-Scale Performance and Resiliency in MapR Streams

March 01, 2016

Confirms superior global event streaming capabilities in Converged Data Platform

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry’s only converged data platform, today announced that Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published an ESG Lab Review that documents the innovative utility-grade capabilities of MapR Streams. The report titled “MapR Converged Data Platform with MapR Streams” highlights two tests scenarios relating to performance and reliability showing superior scalability and resiliency of the platform across multiple data centers to power reliable and real-time global data applications.

The report documents the results from recent testing of MapR Streams with a goal of validating scalability and reliability. The test included benchmarking the platform with high throughput messaging tests as well as failure scenarios of key cluster services. Highlights include:

  • Demonstrated over 18 million messages/second performance with over 3,500 MB/second throughput
  • Tested scenarios including 3-way and 1-way replication, which increased reliability and throughput with negligible performance impact
  • Validated that MapR Streams passed all the included tests within the rigorous Jepsen framework and several additional complex test scenarios, showing resiliency across many types of common failures

“As the Internet of Things continues to drive the next wave of big data, an infrastructure that can not only support the data growth, but also reliably handle its processing at the speed at which it is generated is becoming a necessity,” said Mike Leone, senior ESG Lab analyst, ESG. “We validated that MapR Streams delivers scalable event processing performance on commodity hardware and were particularly impressed with the ability of a five-node cluster to handle ingesting nearly 7 million messages/sec and consuming over 18 million messages/sec all in the correct order without any data loss.”

According to ESG Lab, the report confirmed that MapR Streams inherits the existing benefits of the overall MapR infrastructure to deliver a highly available, reliable infrastructure to handle the continuous flow of real-time data. Through the use of replication within a Hadoop cluster, high levels of uptime are achieved by eliminating single points of failure. This not only ensures that the flow of data is uninterrupted, but also prevents data loss across the entire data pipeline, from data collection at the producer level, to analytics at the consumer level.

“The superior results MapR Streams achieved from ESG Lab verifies the deployment advantages of our converged platform and reinforces what we have heard from customers worldwide,” said Anil Gadre, senior vice president, product management, MapR Technologies. “The MapR Converged Data Platform was built from day one to optimally address the real-time requirements in production Hadoop and Spark environments, providing a reliable and ultra-high performance data transport layer to feed Apex, Flink, Spark Streaming, Storm, and other stream processing engines for the next generation of web-scale data applications.”

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