ESG Labs Report Substantiates Production Deployment Advantages of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop

December 08, 2014

Confirms reliability, speed, scalability and superior NoSQL database performance

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced that leading IT research, analysis and strategy firm, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), published an ESG Lab Spotlight that documents the innovative enterprise-grade capabilities of the MapR Distribution. The report titled “MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop” discusses and validates the differentiating features of reliability, high availability, NoSQL operations, performance, native NFS support and point-in-time snapshots available in the MapR Distribution.

“MapR continues to advance its Hadoop product offering to support the most demanding big data environments,” said Nik Rouda, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Enterprises with real-time, operational analytic needs will find that the MapR Distribution provides a high-performing distributed data platform which reliably and efficiently stores and processes volumes of data.”

Regarding reliability, the report concluded that the MapR architecture requires fewer resources while enabling higher availability when compared with other Hadoop distributions. Because data is spread across every node with MapR, the resync process to overcome a node failure occurs faster on MapR than on other Hadoop clusters with HDFS. The overall uptime of the cluster is significantly improved by eliminating single points of failure and improving speed of recovery from minutes instead of hours.

The ESG Lab report also evaluated in Hadoop NoSQL operations. ESG Lab validated the superior NoSQL database performance achievable with the MapR Distribution. The MapR Distribution includes an integrated database, MapR-DB, which is compatible with HBase applications. When comparing application performance, MapR Database delivered significantly better operations/sec/node for a wide-ranging set of workloads on both a ten-node HDD cluster and five-node SSD cluster. ESG concluded that MapR Database should be considered a top tier solution for NoSQL database online applications and large scale analytics.

In reviewing the performance, ESG reported that MapR Database produced extremely low, predictable latencies for every test, while the other distribution’s latency fluctuated wildly. With MapR-DB, average read latencies achieved a reduction as much as 6.7x with random reads. For the update latency across the batched put and mix workloads, average update latencies yielded an advantage between 3-15x when comparing different workloads across distributions.

MapR NFS and snapshots were also identified as key differentiators. ESG Lab witnessed MapR NFS in action, which revealed a much faster and more efficient implementation compared to other distributions. Additionally, the report noted the consistency of MapR snapshots, meaning that a MapR snapshot reflects the exact state of the cluster when it is taken, and unlike in other distributions, does not get altered due to subsequent changes to open files.

“The superior results MapR achieved from ESG Labs substantiates the deployment advantages of the MapR Distribution and is an important recognition,” said Jack Norris, chief marketing officer, MapR Technologies. “This independent analysis reinforces what we hear from customers worldwide that have experienced the difference for themselves by using MapR to address their production Hadoop and real-time requirements.”

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