Management Science Associates (MSA) Builds Next-Generation Data Warehouse and Near-Real-Time Analytics on MapR

April 05, 2016

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry’s only Converged Data Platform, today announced that Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA), an industry-recognized leading developer and supplier of consumer packaged goods (CPG) and demand chain data processing and analytical solutions, is using the MapR Converged Data Platform to drive additional revenue and competitive advantage by providing its customers new offerings with near-real-time capabilities.

MSA collects and processes data from 7,000 distributor warehouse files, reporting its shipments to over one million unique retail outlets. MSA analyzes this data to provide its customers with actionable insights to drive their business, such as understanding of new product acquisition, trade program planning and execution and mitigation of voids and out-of-stocks.

MSA is building a next-generation data warehouse environment that will improve their analytic capabilities such as near-real-time predictive analysis.

After evaluating the three primary Hadoop vendors, MSA selected MapR and its industry-only capabilities including multi-tenancy for data, processing, and users; integrated, enterprise-grade NoSQL database; and superior performance and compression. “The other distributions didn’t have the same capabilities as MapR. It was a clear choice. MapR is the industry leader,” said Kevin Whitfield, director, Applications Group, MSA.

As MSA’s hosted environment serves thousands of distributors and manufacturers, it was critically important to support multi-tenancy for data, processing, and users. This unique capability in MapR lets customers keep distinct data sets and user groups isolated from each other all in a single consolidated deployment.

Another MapR advantage is MapR-DB, an integrated, enterprise-grade NoSQL database, which handles MSA’s structured, interactive data requirements. “We are able to provide customers with access to structured and unstructured data. For example, one customer wants POS scanner data. We can ingest this data into the cluster and provide near-real-time analytical dashboards on top of MapR-DB, which offers performance characteristics that really come out ahead of the competition,” said Whitfield.

MapR was also chosen because of its superior performance and compression. “We use less hardware and get better performance with MapR. We would have had to spend a lot more money if we chose a MapR competitor,” said Whitfield.

MSA felt most secure with the MapR disaster recovery capabilities. “The solid replication and disaster recovery for MapR was a clear differentiator,” he said.

MSA felt confident choosing MapR as a partner for the future. “We really liked the global nature of MapR and the business direction they are heading in. It’s a business model that is going to succeed,” said Karl Herleman, senior vice president, Strategy and Innovation, IMS Division, MSA. “With MapR, we will be expanding our analytic capability across industries and building a secure robust future for MSA.”

“MapR is committed to providing customers with advanced processing, storage and real-time analytics capabilities to meet their business objectives,” said Jack Norris, senior vice president, Data and Applications, MapR Technologies. “MSA is building a next-generation data warehouse that will converge many data sources for analysis and help generate additional revenue and achieve a competitive advantage for the company.”

About Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA)
Established in 1963, Management Science Associates, Inc. is a leader in data integration and analysis. Its Information Management Solutions Division (IMS) gives Consumer Packaged Goods channel partners a competitive edge by providing data integration, trade program management and retail execution solutions paired with strategic insights and analytics. Authorized manufacturers use MSA-managed data to make over $1 billion in annual trade program payments to wholesalers and retailers.
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