MapR to Present Technical Insights and Innovations for Big and Fast Data at Strata + Hadoop World

February 12, 2015

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced that its big data experts will present on stage throughout the week of Strata + Hadoop World, including a featured keynote from Anil Gadre, senior vice president of product management. MapR is an Elite sponsor and will showcase its latest product offerings and host several technology sessions in booth # 1009 at Strata + Hadoop World, held in San Jose, CA from February 17 - 20.

Additionally, MapR Chief Architect Ted Dunning and Solutions Consultant Ellen Friedman will debut their newest O’Reilly book titled, “Real-World Hadoop,” at the conference with complimentary books and scheduled author signings at the MapR booth.

Details on MapR featured keynote and conference sessions:

When: Thursday, February 19, at 9:15 AM

Where: San Jose Convention Center, Grand Ballroom 220

What: Gadre will keynote a presentation: “Impacting Business as it Happens.” He will highlight ways to get value out of today’s big and fast data to create the “as-it-happens” business. He will discuss how organizations must evolve beyond traditional analytic cycles to gain insight when making business decisions that can change an organization’s fundamental metabolic rate.

When: Thursday, February 19, at 10:40 AM

Where: San Jose Convention Center, 210 D/H

What: Dunning and Friedman will present a session titled: “Real World Use Cases: Hadoop and NoSQL in Production.” During this talk, several real world use cases will be shared, including the use of a Hadoop and NoSQL foundation to detect security threats in financial settings, to optimize data warehouse utilization, to improve marketing efficiency in a cost-effective way, and to build a huge biometric database with the goal of changing society. The examples presented should be helpful to business audiences and developers alike.

When: Thursday, February 19, at 11:30 AM

Where: San Jose Convention Center, 230C

What: MapR Director of Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Jim Scott will present a session titled: “Stream Processing Everywhere – What to Use,” where he will discuss the use of data from social media streams and sensors in real-time with an emphasis on three Apache projects: Apache Storm, Apache Spark and Apache Samza.

When: Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 2:20 PM

Where: San Jose Convention Center, 230C

What: MapR Software Architect and Vice President of the Apache Drill Project Jacques Nadeau will present: “Drill into Drill: How Providing Flexibility and Performance is Possible.” The session offers a deep technical talk on how Apache Drill can achieve lightning fast performance and provide ground-breaking flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, Jacques will host Office Hours on this topic at 3:10 PM that day.

When: Thursday, February 19, at 3:10 PM

Where: San Jose Convention Center, Teradata Booth # 1315

What: MapR Vice President of Product Marketing Steve Wooledge will present a session titled: “Act Fast: Enabling a Real-time Unified Data Architecture.” In this presentation, Steve will discuss the growing role of Hadoop for streaming and operational applications in the Teradata Unified Data Architecture.

When: Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 4:50 PM

Where: San Jose Convention Center, 210B/F

What: MapR Principal Software Engineer Yuliya Feldman, will present a session titled: “Maintaining Low Latency While Maximizing Throughput on a Single Cluster.” Her talk will showcase how new advances in Apache YARN and Apache Mesos provide the ability to truly run multiple distinct workloads together using Hadoop.

When: Friday, February 20, at 2:20 PM

Where: San Jose Convention Center, 230C

What: Dunning will present a session titled: “YARN versus Mesos: Can’t We All Just Get Along?” This session highlights the role each technology plays in the data center. Ted will discuss differences, deployment strategies, and a demonstration of YARN and Mesos collaboratively sharing cluster resources, among other topics.

When: Friday, February 20, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Where: San Jose Convention Center, 210B/F

What: MapR Principal Data Scientist Dr. Allen Day and Data Scientist Sungwook Yoon will present: “Hadoop as a Platform for Genomics.” This presentation will discuss what is involved in running an end-to-end analysis pipeline based GATK using Hadoop and then show example results and scaling characteristics.

Multiple theater presentations will also take place in the MapR booth on Thursday, February 19 and Friday, February 20 at the following times:

10:00 AM: Apache Drill: Schema-free SQL Queries for Hadoop & NoSQL

11:00 AM: The Fast Lane to Getting Value from Hadoop

1:00 PM: The Briefcase Cluster: Enabling Big Data Everywhere

2:00 PM: The Real Cost of Hadoop in Production

3:00 PM: Real-time Recommendation: Puppies and Ponies in Action

A conference promotional discount of 20% is available when using the code (MPR20). For more information on Strata + Hadoop World and MapR presentations and activities, visit here.


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