MapR Will Share Latest Innovations in Machine Learning, Cloud and DataOps at Strata Data Conference 2018

February 28, 2018

Santa Clara, Calif. - February 28, 2018 - MapR® Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in delivering one platform for all data, across every cloud, today announced its executives will present at Strata Data Conference, held at San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, March 6-8. MapR will be in booth #1009 showcasing the MapR Converged Data Platform, the industry's leading unified data platform that allows companies to simultaneously do analytics and applications with speed, scale, and reliability.

On Thursday, March 8 at 9:00 AM, Anoop Dawar, vice president of product management, MapR, will present the keynote address on, "The Case for a Deliberate Data Strategy in Today's Attention-Deficit Economy."

MapR conference session highlights include:

What: "Cloud, Multicloud, and the Data Refinery"
Tom Fisher, CTO at MapR, will present "Cloud, Multicloud, and the Data Refinery." During this session, Tom will explore the life of data in the new world-everything from appropriate tagging, to data lineage, and how to enable learning on this data-focusing on moving data through a refinery process to glean and maximize its value every step of the way.
When: Wednesday, March 7 at 11:00 AM
Where: LL21 C/D

What: "Data at Scale and Speed: Real-world Use Cases"
Ted Dunning, chief application architect at MapR will present "Data at Scale and Speed: Real-world Use Cases." Using a series of real-world use cases ranging from machine learning pipelines to sensor data processing at the IoT edge to record-setting fraud prevention in finance, Ted will demonstrate how to level up the ability to extract value from data.
When: Wednesday, March 7 at 1:50 PM
Where: LL20 B

What: "DataOps: An Agile Methodology for Data-Driven Organizations"
Ellen Friedman, principal technologist at MapR, will present "DataOps: An Agile Methodology for Data-Driven Organizations." In this session, Ellen offers an overview of DataOps and explains how to implement it, the steps needed to build a DataOps approach and the connection between DataOps and microservices.
When: Wednesday, March 7 at 2:40 PM
Where: LL21 E/F

What: "Better Machine Learning Logistics with the Rendezvous Architecture"
In this session, Ted Dunning, chief application architect, offers an overview of the rendezvous architecture, developed to be the "continuous integration" system for machine learning models, describing the motivation and design of the rendezvous architecture and giving a user's-eye view of how it feels to roll new services into production.
When: Wednesday, March 7 at 5:10 PM
Where: LL21 E/F

What: "The Changing Role of the CDO: Three Keys for Success"
Jack Norris, senior vice president, data and applications at MapR, will present, "The Changing Role of the CDO: Three Keys for Success." This session will discuss how CDOs who treat data as an asset, simply to accumulate, are facing the greatest risk for themselves and their organizations. The session will also provide additional details including, how to identify data stakeholders and value partners across enterprise silos.
When: Thursday, March 8 at 11:00 AM
Where: LL21A

What: "Distributed Deep Learning with Containers on Heterogeneous GPU Clusters"
Dong Meng, a data scientist at MapR, will present on "Distributed Deep Learning with Containers on Heterogeneous GPU Clusters." In this session, Dong outlines the topics that need to be addressed to successfully utilize distributed deep learning, such as consistency, fault tolerance, communication, resource management, and programming libraries, and offers an overview of a converged data platform. Along the way, Dong demonstrates a simple distributed deep learning training program and explains how to leverage pub/sub capability to build global real-time deep learning applications on NVIDIA GPUs.
When: Thursday, March 8 at 11:50 AM
Where: LL21 C/D

MapR will also host a "Meet the Expert" session with Ted Dunning, chief application architect, on Thursday, March 8 at 1:50 PM at Table A in the Expo Hall. Ted will discuss machine learning and the logistical aspects of supporting it in production.


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