MapR Wins InfoWorld's 2017 Technology of the Year Award

February 02, 2017

MapR Technologies, Inc., the provider of the first and only converged data platform, today announced that MapR-FS, one of the core data handling technologies in the MapR Converged Data Platform, has been named an InfoWorld 2017 Technology of the Year Award winner.

According to Infoworld, “ … after so many production deployments, it is becoming pretty clear that HDFS isn’t really up to the task. If you need a better, reliable, recoverable, distributed filesystem now ̶ you should look at MapR-FS instead.”

InfoWorld's annual Technology of the Year Award recognizes the best and most innovative products in the most important hardware and software categories to businesses and IT professionals. The Technology of the Year Awards are not open to outside nominations; selections are made by InfoWorld editors and reviewers.

“These are the best tools for app dev, datacenter and cloud ops, data analytics, and information security that we encountered in the past year,” according to Doug Dineley, executive editor, InfoWorld’s Test Center. “Their innovations are impacting the way we work and do business.”

MapR-FS is a POSIX file system that provides distributed, reliable, high performance, scalable, and full read/write data storage for the MapR Converged Data Platform. MapR-FS supports the HDFS API, fast NFS access, access controls, and transparent data compression. MapR-FS includes enterprise-grade features such as block-level mirroring for mission-critical disaster recovery as well as load balancing, and consistent snapshots for easy data recovery.

“We are very pleased to be held in such high regard by the editors of InfoWorld,” said Jack Norris, senior vice president of data and applications, MapR Technologies. “This award validates what customers have been sharing with us. Organizations around the world rely on MapR to run next-gen applications that successfully unify operational processing and analytics, and benefit from unprecedented levels of scale, performance and reliability.”


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