MediaHub Selects MapR Technologies for Digital Archive and Future Data Analytics

December 10, 2014

Leading digital media facility builds innovative technology platform to manage and leverage growing volumes of broadcast content

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced that MediaHub Australia has deployed the MapR Distribution including Hadoop in its digital archive that serves broadcasters throughout Australia. Delivering SD and HD digital content for traditional television broadcast and in multiple formats, such as IPTV and mobile devices, MediaHub relies on MapR and its strategic partner, Contexti, to cost effectively manage its growing content repository and to support future analytic services.

“As a business, we really strive to be at the absolute leading edge of the technology available for this industry,” said Alan Sweeney, chief executive officer of MediaHub Australia. “When MediaHub expanded its level of service from that of pure playback to offering full digital end-to-end management for our clients ‒ encompassing media asset management, archive and transcoding of content and delivery ‒ we knew that we needed to develop an innovative archive system that would meet our current and future needs. That’s where MapR came in.”

“MapR gives us a way of building our own tailored archive system, but with the future capacity to leverage the archive for big data analysis, which we could turn into an added benefit for our clients. We have a lot of clients who are trying to work out what they can do with their data and now we’ve positioned ourselves as being in front of their needs,” said Simon Scott, head of technology, MediaHub Australia. “With MapR in place, we have a high-performance, highly scalable platform to enable data analytics for our clients’ businesses ‒ whenever they’re ready to do so.”

MediaHub Australia currently delivers over 171 channels to the Australian metropolitan and regional markets. Since MediaHub implemented its archive, the amount of content managed by MapR has doubled in size to 1 petabyte – and is expected to significantly increase over the next eighteen months. With a complete digital end-to-end management solution, MediaHub can leverage its MapR-based Hadoop architecture to also analyze content usage patterns and help clients make immediate data-driven business decisions.

MediaHub was recently recognized by the Business Chamber of New South Wales winning the “most innovative” category at its recent awards.

“The massive growth of content in the media and entertainment industry is pushing the limits of traditional data management systems,” said Justin Bock, country manager, ANZ at MapR Technologies. “We’re excited to have innovative companies like MediaHub on board. The company is successfully tackling the challenges of big data today and building a foundation to enable new services to further differentiate themselves in the future.”

The MapR Distribution is a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. Enabling organizations to successfully leverage the power of Hadoop, MapR provides a secure multi-tenant environment with high availability, disaster recovery and consistent snapshots.

About MediaHub

MediaHub Australia is a joint venture company established by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the WIN Television Network (WIN TV). MediaHub Australia is a large scale multi-client digital media, play-out and distribution facility, currently delivering over 171 channels to the Australian metropolitan and regional markets. MediaHub embraces the future of broadcasting, including delivery for IPTV, mobile content and other handheld devices. We afford our clients the opportunity to deliver cost-effective services to their audiences. MediaHub offers our clients a centralized digital media handling facility, including presentation and master control (MCR) functions, where content is received, prepared and distributed as required. This includes content from external sources such as studios, outside broadcasts, international feeds or production environments.


About MapR Technologies

MapR Technologies is a visionary Silicon Valley software company and creator of the next-generation data platform for AI and analytics, with the scale and reliability required by enterprise-grade, mission-critical deployments. The MapR Data Platform delivers the power of dataware to accelerate data-driven innovation. Forward leaning companies such as Cisco, Philips, and Société Générale, are able to create new data-driven solutions to outperform the competition. Learn more:

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